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Happy Birthday Aaron Fernandes

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Dear Aaron
You have made us so proud my son,
When you stand out of the crowd,
You have given us so much of joy,
Still remember your favourite toy,
For us you will always remain our special boy,
Love you so much!

Wishing you a very Happy birthday and Many More Wonderful Years Ahead. May God Bless you.
Wishes from
Sneha & Ramcy (Mom & Dad)
Bro Ian Fernandes

Dear Aaron

When you reach the age of 4, everything you love about the world gets four times as wonderful. Happy 4th birthday.
Wishes from

Alice Fernandes (Grandma)
Felix /Roseline Sequeira (Dubai)
Vincy / Ivy, Allen, Vanissa and Arnold  Fernandes (Dubai)
Lancy /Sunita Fernandes and family (Kuwait)
Joseph /Flavy and Ashley (Dubai)
Janet / Roney, Ruth/ Cowan and Orpha (Dubai)
Violet /Joseph Pereira and family (Mangalore)
Maxy /Anita Fernandes and Michel (Mangalore)
Felcy / Rockey Sequeira, Robin, Ronston and Roydon (Mangalore)
Rajesh /Sunita, Tanya, Tanisha  and Selwyn (Mangalore)
Roshan /Divya Aidan and Arica (Dubai)
Kiran Fernandes / Sushma,  Nia and Kyra (Mangalore)

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