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Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad

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Dear Joseph & Violet 


Your married life is a great example
Of the sacrifices made by couples
Your married life has been so fine
It has aged gracefully like a vintage wine
Your married life has been full of care
To each other, you have always laid your hearts bare
Your married life has been perfect and ideal
It is an example of love which is pure and real

Your lives and relationship have taught us a lot
That love and affection can’t be bought
We have learned how to trust
How to be fair, righteous and just
Where would we be without you both, we don’t know
Thanks for always being our shadow
Our best wishes are with you on your anniversary
To have parents like you, We are extremely lucky

Happy 26th Wedding anniversary dear Mom & Dad
Ronak & Astel Pereira

Dear Joseph & Violet

One by one each year flew by
Since both of you said “I do”
26 years of memories
shared by the two of you
from big events and holidays
to simple daily pleasures
Happy 26th wedding anniversary

wishes from
Team Mangalorean
Alice Fernandes & Family

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  1. Dear Jossy & Violet,

    Belated Happy Wedding anniversary. We pray to Lord Almighty to bless you with health, wealth and peace in your day-to-day life. May he give you strength and courage to continue your good work to the society and particularly for the weak and needy. Our prayers are always with you both.

    Regards: Vincent, Ivy, Allen, Vanessa and Arnold

  2. Hello, Violet, Jossy, belated wishes on your wedding anniversary.
    God bless you and your family.

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