Harassment of farmers by private lenders, banks won’t be tolerated: Siddaramaiah

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Harassment of farmers by private lenders, banks won’t be tolerated: Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday warned that harassment of farmers by private lenders and banks will not be tolerated.

“At least 251 farmer suicide cases have been reported in the state, of which 174 have been resolved. The rest of the cases should be disposed of early and compensation should be distributed. Delay in this regard is not right,” he stated.

The Chief Minister suggested that private money lenders should be monitored after a drought is declared.

“It has been observed that applications coming to the courts of Tehsildar, Sub-Divisional Officer and District Commissioners are pending for more than five years. If the case is not settled even after five years, it means that you are not working properly,” he said.

“Justice delayed is justice denied — the longer the delay, the more opportunity for corruption. Delay is also corruption.”

Siddaramaiah went on to say that the tehsildar should dispose of any application within three months.

“There is a long delay in the settlement of appeals coming to the Sub-Divisional Officers. It should be resolved in at least six months. District Collectors (DC) should resolve the cases within a year.

“DCs should also not unnecessarily adjourn the case, keep the parties waiting or delay in giving the judgment after hearing the arguments. Our government will not tolerate any delay in clearing the case and will take strict action,” the Chief Minister added.

He also claimed that since doctors are not available in the health department, para-medical personnel are playing the role of doctors and writing prescriptions, which is wrong.

“Doctors should remain in the headquarters and respond to the problems of the people, he said. Land should be provided immediately for cemeteries and Khabarstans. Land for school buildings, Anganwadi, and health centre crematories should be identified immediately. Public visits should be scheduled.

“Time should be given to the public while you are at headquarters. Listen to their issues and resolve them at once. District In-charge Secretaries, District Commissioners, and District Senior Officers should visit hostels and hospitals. Collectors should visit Subordinate Offices,” he added.

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