Harmonious Governance without any Discrimination and Hatred is our Aim – U T Khader

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Harmonious Governance without any Discrimination and Hatred is Our Aim – U T Khader

Mangaluru: “I would like to thank all the voters who have voted for my victory and also the party workers who have tirelessly worked for my success. This election was between Truth & lies, Propaganda & slander, Knowledge & ignorance. This time the people of Karnataka stood with the Congress party and defeated their lies, slander and ignorance. The people of Karnataka suffered for four years due to price hikes, increased taxes and hate politics. The people of Karnataka showed their anger by voting for the Congress party”, said the Mangaluru (Ullal) Constituency winning candidate U T Khader during a press meet held at the Congress office here, on May 16.

Addressing the media persons Khader said, “In Karnataka, 90% of the people have voted for Congress. Politics is not mathematics, it is the reaction. When a candidate contests, he will have more candidates contesting against him. JD(S) asked people to cast their votes for a particular party, so it was beneficial for me. For us winning the elections was important and people have voted for me. So we will work for the people and show the difference between BJP and Congress and win the confidence of the people of the coastal region”.

Khader further said, “When Congress was in power, in 2013, we implemented many development projects but when the BJP came to power in 2018, they discontinued those projects, and all those projects are still pending. For example, the DC office, which was a forest converted by Ramanath Rai to revenue land. The forest department doesn’t allow one per cent of the land to be converted but Ramanath Rai was able to do it. BJP did not complete the DC office construction work. When we asked for an additional Rs 2 crore to complete the Abbakka Bhavan, Sunil Kumar who was the Minister for Kannada and Cultural department, refused to release the funds and insisted to complete the work with the funds already provided. Now the cost to complete the same work has increased. When BJP was in power, they did not continue any of the projects started by the Congress nor have they brought new projects. We will complete all the pending projects”.

Khader also said, “We do not promote politics of hatred, when we were in power, we treated everyone equally and worked for the development of the district. We are not involved in politics of hatred like the BJP who did not invite us for government programmes. BJP stooped to the lowest level by neglecting us during government programmes. We will work for the welfare of the people without going their way and provide a harmonious administration. In 5 years we will take all the people into confidence and implement all the guarantees”.

When asked about the State BJP president’s statement “If Congress comes to power in Karnataka will stop all the Central government projects”, Khader said, “It is not alms we get from the central government to stop the projects, the funds they provide us are from our tax money. From Karnataka, the central government collects Rs 1.5 lakh crore per year and gives it to Gujarat. We get only Rs 45,000 crore. Our MP did not raise his voice. We will get our share of projects at any cost. The central government has done injustice to the people of Karnataka.

When asked about Ramanath Rai’s announcement in regard to electoral politics, Khader said, “Ramanath Rai is a senior and transparent politician. People will not allow him to stay away from electoral politics”.

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