‘Have A Desire To Win’- Group Com Col Bhagasra felicitating 57 NCC Achievers of 2022-23

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‘Have The Desire To Win’- Group Commander of Mangaluru NCC Group Col N K Bhagasra felicitating 57 NCC Achievers of 2022-23 at St Aloysius College, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: A felicitation programme for NCC achievers of the Mangaluru group was held recently at the Eric Mathias hall, St Aloysius College, Mangaluru on Monday, 13 March 2023. Principal of St Aloysius College Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ was the chief guest, and Group Commander of Mangaluru NCC Group Col N K Bhagasra presided over the function, joined by many other High-Rank NCC officers of 18 Kar BN. Dr Alwyn D’sa- Registrar of St Aloysius College, and ANO Capt Shakinraj, of St Aloysius NCC wing, also graced the occasion. 57 NCC cadets were honoured for securing the championship in Karnataka and Goa directorate at the state level in various NCC inter-group competitions 2022-23.

Addressing the NCC cadets, Col N K Bhagasra SM said, “As they say ‘Better Late than Never’, this felicitation programme was delayed due to cadets appearing for their exams and due to the pandemic break. I am overwhelmed and proud of the Mangaluru NCC group for their great achievements among other 50K cadets. You 57 cadets had the courage, determination and commitment to make things possible. The Mangaluru team has shown its mettle. This is just a beginning, don’t stop here, move forward and shine making a difference in changing people’s lives”.

” Always look for the best. Follow the NCC motto of ‘ Unity and Discipline’. Reach a place where you can make a change, and remember that capacity building is very important. For your success, your parents have played a vital role, and they need to be thanked for encouraging and supporting you in this NCC field. Have the desire to win. You have taken a great step in your life by joining NCC. You have to work hard with discipline and dedication which leads to taking the nation to greater heights” added Col Bhagasra.

Rev Dr Praveen Martis, SJ, in his remarks, congratulated the NCC cadets for their progress. He expressed his pride in belonging to a family of disciplined soldiers as his father served in the armed forces and his nephew cleared NDA and joined the armed forces. And he too was in NCC during his college days. He urged the cadets to set a great vision for their country and applauded the cadets for their great achievements.

Achiever Cadet Aashna Rai of St Aloysius PU College

One of the achievers was Cadet Aashna Rai, a cadet of the NCC navy wing of St Aloysius PU College, who participated in the annual NCC rally that was held at New Delhi in January 2023 and had received the All India best cadet award (gold medal) from Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi. Ashna Rai is pursuing her second PU. From childhood, she was interested in joining the NCC. When she was studying in the eighth standard at Canara CBSE School, she joined the NCC. Later, she continued in the same field. Ashna was selected for the NCC rally after performing exceedingly well at the district and state levels. The cooperation extended by NCC cadets Anish Rahul, Atique D B, Roopith D’Souza and Manish along with the guidance of wing commander Chandan Garg and Alwyn Misquith is responsible for this achievement of Ashna in the NCC Rally.

Few of the achievers shared their thoughts and experiences during the programme. The programme was eloquently compared by CUO Gauthami SC and SUO Soorya Adka, both of St Aloysius College

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