‘Have Empathy & Be Available for Patients 24X7, – FMCI Director Fr Richard Coelho on ‘Doctor’s Day’

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‘Have Empathy & Be Available for Patients 24X7, – FMCI Director Fr Richard Coelho on ‘Doctor’s Day’

  • ‘Have Empathy & Be Available for Patients 24X7/- Father Muller Charitable Institutions (FMCI), Mangaluru Director Fr Richard Coelho on ‘Doctor’s Day’ held at Father Muller Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital-Deralakatte, Mangaluru, and Father Muller Hospital-Thumbay.

Mangaluru: Being a doctor in today’s day and age is an act of unabated selflessness. The Hippocratic oath has become a charter of destiny and a beckoning like no other: Doctors today are required to risk their very lives to save lives each day. Health workers have been under immense pressure to lead the battle against an invisible enemy. They have left their families, their personal lives, and even sacrificed their health to address every challenge during the pandemic, round the clock. Doctors, along with nurses, and healthcare workers have become the real heroes during the pandemic through their hard work and sacrifice. While technology has made the lives of healthcare workers easier to a degree, citizens too have a role to play by working on strengthening their immunity, nutrition, sleep, and wearing a mask are some crucial factors. We must never let fear get the better of us and always remain positive.

As citizens, we should take responsibility and also shoulder the responsibility of the frontline workers as well as the people around us by working together. While COVID has been devastating, if we look at things holistically, it has given us the ability to re-orient ourselves. In many ways, the pandemic has taught us to not take anything for granted. The sad truth is that COVID is not going to go away for quite some time and remain for a few more years at least. We have to plan our lives with COVID to ensure a peaceful co-existence. The intensity, severity and lethality of COVID is expected to reduce as time passes by.

No doubt, Doctors share their experience of working tirelessly during the pandemic. It’s been around one-and-a-half years since the Covid pandemic engulfed the whole country and no one knows when the virus will fade away. In these torrid times, our doctors have been serving day and night, like the soldiers who guard our borders, to protect millions of lives. From being witnesses to so many deaths around them to working tirelessly without a break to getting themselves self-quarantined due to the fear of taking the virus home, the doctors were driven to the breaking point many times during the pandemic. It has been an emotionally and physically exhausting journey for doctors – both at the personal and professional levels.

The most challenging experience was the unavailability of necessary Covid medications like Remdesivir, oxygen cylinders, and to meet the mounting demands for hospital beds, particularly during the second wave that claimed lakhs of lives. One of my doctor friends working at a renowned hospital in Bengaluru said, “Convincing the attendant to procure the medicine from anywhere to save their loved ones was another uphill task. The whole scenario in the hospital was much dreaded compared to the previous year. Even getting a bed for his own friends and relatives was a major challenge, despite being healthcare professionals, we used to feel heavy from inside that we are not able to cater to the needs of society. It was one of the worst phases I have seen in my professional life. Meanwhile, watching patients dying up close and being in the constant grip of a whirlpool of emotions was quite daunting. The whole experience was utterly soul-destroying. We have seen numerous deaths right from our medical school in the ICUs and the operation theatre. But I must admit that Covid deaths in isolation have been very disheartening for us doctors, too. These patients did not have any relatives by their side, which was traumatic for us also. A feeling that plays on our mental psyche even now and also of the near and dear ones,”

Just like my doctor friend in Bengaluru, I am very much sure that doctors at Father Muller Hospitals too have felt and experienced the same situations here too, and I did their best as Covid Warriors Cum SuperHeroes with their Dedicated, Committed and Determined Service during this pandemic crisis. Kudos to the Father Muller Hospital Doctors for a job well done during this pandemic- and they deserve our compliments and wishes on National Doctor’s Day!


National Doctor’s Day is observed to acknowledge the role doctors play in saving numerous lives. Every year, July 1 is observed as National Doctors’ Day in memory of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, who had his birth and death anniversary on the same day. The day, commemorated by Indian Medical Association (IMA), is dedicated to all the doctors and healthcare workers who have been serving people by risking their lives. Dr Roy, former Chief Minister of Bengal, was known for his selfless service. He played a great role in establishing many medical institutions and was also referred to as the first medical consultant in the subcontinent of India and was more successful and dedicated than his contemporaries in several fields. For his outstanding contributions, he was also awarded the Bharat Ratna, on February 4, 1961.

National Doctor’s Day was celebrated at Father Muller Hospital (FMH) -Thumbay on 1 July 2021 to acknowledge the role doctors played in saving numerous lives. Amid the pandemic, the role of these frontline workers aka Covid warriors has been even more emphasised. Cheers to the spirit and dedication of these Father Muller Hospital-Thumbay doctors who immensely contributed in the hour of crisis. The programme began with a prayer invoking God’s blessings by Dr Joyce and team, followed by a welcome address by Fr Sylvester Lobo-the Administrator of FMH-Thumbay, where he highlighted the role played by the doctors of FMH-Thumbay during the pandemic crisis and commended them for their selfless and dedicated service to the Covid-19 affected patients.

As a small token of appreciation on the Doctor’s day, nearly 40 doctors and Interns of FMH-Thumbay were honoured with a rose and a pen. In his address to the gathering Fr Richard Coelho, the Director of FMCI said, “Today is not just a Doctor’s day but should be named as ‘Covid Martyr’s Doctor’s Day for all the sacrifice and lives lost by nearly 1500 doctors in India serving amidst the pandemic. We need to pay our homage and respect to all these doctors who lost their lives, and at the same time cherish and compliment the hard work and dedication put by the doctors in saving patients’ lives. We religious priests at FMCI always pray for the doctors during our morning prayers for their health”.

“What we need today is fraternity and brotherhood where we do not exclude anyone but inclusive culture, where we all render our service. Let us show solidarity to the sick and the suffering. Today we need skilled healthcare professionals with the expertise to meet the changing health profile and rising expectations of the people. I request all you hard working and dedicated doctors to be patient-centric and empathetic and build a good rapport with your patients. Do something better and more. Work the extra mile. Show empathy and always be available for your patients 24X7. I am grateful for your service. Keep Up the good work that you all are entrusted with, and may God bless you all. I am proud of you all and for being a member of the Mullerian Family” added Fr Richard Coelho.

Dr Anoop Joseph- Assistant Professor in Medicine speaking about the role of doctors in the healthcare industry said, “We not only remember Dr BC Roy, but also the many doctors who died in this pandemic while discharging their duty. We can prevent subsequent waves by doing simple things. Wearing masks and keeping social distance. We are fighting a war against misinformation, especially against vaccination. We have to trust the process gone into making these vaccines. We are at a crossroads. On the one hand, healthcare workers are congratulated, on the other, we see disturbing visuals of doctors being assaulted. As a society, we cannot sit back and watch with indifference as healthcare workers are harassed and threatened for doing their job. Hospital management, law enforcement, media and the public need to get behind healthcare workers”.

There was a short games session conducted by the compere Mrs Sonal Sphia Fernandes (Quality Assistant at FMH-Thumbay) where doctors got a chance to win fabulous prizes (like a free trip to Dubai?- Ooops I just made that up!) Prizes were roses and pens? The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Nisha D’souza (accountant) and the names of the doctors to receive their mementoes was read by Miss Ayshath Shaziya (Lab In-Charge)


Doctors’ Day was celebrated on 1st July 2021 at Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr B C Roy. The dignitaries Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director, Father Muller Charitable Institutions, Rev. Fr Roshan Crasta, Administrator, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College& Hospital, Rev.Fr J B Crasta, Chaplain of Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital & Guest of Honor, Dr ESJ Prabhu Kiran, Principal, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College, Dr Vilma Meera D’Souza, Vice Principal, FMHMC, Dr Jyoshna Shivaprasad, PG Academic Incharge & Convener, joined to inaugurate the programme by lighting the lamp after a prayer song by Dr Lakshmipriya & team to invoke God’s blessings.

Fr Roshan Crasta, Administrator gave the welcome speech and wished the doctors on this special day. As a mark of honour, Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director of Father Muller Charitable institutions garlanded the portraits of Dr B C Roy and Rev. Fr Augustus Muller. Dr Madona Joseph, Professor & HOD, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology was felicitated for her dedicated services to the Institutions and to the society on this occasion. Dr Srinath Rao read the citation prepared in her honour by Dr Blany Lobo.

Dr Madona Joseph shared her experiences as a faculty more than 30years of this College and about her journey all through these years in various sectors both academic and societal. Fr J B Crasta was honoured by our Director, Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho with a memento for rendering his service as a Chaplain at Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College& Hospital. Rev. Fr Roshan Crasta thanked him and wished him success as the Director Designate of St Antony’s Charitable Institutions. Fr J B Crasta addressed the gathering and commended the role of doctors in society and their contributions.

Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho delivered the presidential address acknowledging the services of the doctors and PG scholars who contributed as covid warriors during this pandemic. Dr Jyoshna S, Convener of Doctors’ day proposed the vote of thanks. The MCs for the programme were Dr Santi Deepan and Dr Adlin Gonsalves, PG Scholars. The programme was live-streamed to the students (UG & PG) of the College.

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