Having a Positive Attitude

?All of life is a journey; the paths we take, what we look back on, what we look forward to is up to us. We determine our destination, what kind of road we plan on taking to get there and how happy we are when we get there?. Having a positive attitude is a major key behind the happiness and success of a person.

Here?s the inspirational story behind ‘The Brooklyn Bridge? of the United States which still stands as a strong symbol of optimism of John Roebling, a German born American engineer, who had a spectacular idea of building a bridge between New York and Long island.

In spite of people challenging the possibility of his vision, he did not give up. He managed to take the help of his son Washington, an up-and-coming engineer. With the determination of succeeding, together they began the building of the bridge. Only a few months into it, a tragic accident took away Roebling?s life.

His son was injured and left with a brain damage making it impossible for him to communicate or move. But he was not disheartened. All he could do was move a finger and he decided to make the best use of it. With his wife as a constant support, he developed a communication code and expressed his idea. For 13 long years he tapped his wife?s arm giving instructions until the bridge was completed.

Looking at the brighter side of situations, appreciating your efforts, choosing to be happy – no matter what the situation is – motivating yourself, help you cultivate the habit of having a positive attitude. It helps to overcome the trials and tribulations of life. Looking at the brighter side of life helps face the daily life crises. It makes it possible to travel through the ups and downs of life smoothly.

Thinking positive helps to grow as an individual and even influence others in society. Apart from giving peace of mind and assurance that whatever you do will bring you success; it teaches you to lessen worries and increases self-confidence.

If trails can keep you strong, failure can make you humble and success can make you glow, it is only your attitude that will keep you going.

Author: Athena Tyler