Hello Litterbugs, Smile Before You Litter, ‘Cause You Are on CCTV Installed by MCC

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Hello Litterbugs, Smile Before You Litter, ‘Cause You Are on CCTV Installed by MCC

Mangaluru: The last time Mangaluru City corporation installed a few CCTVs at various spots in the city, where more garbage was seen dumped by ignorant people- and now once again MCC in a bid to make the city free from litterbugs, has started acting against them, based on CCTV footage. CCTV cameras have been placed at various places, especially near the Central Market, Nandigudda to Marnamikatta road, Old Port and other areas, where people dump waste carelessly and heaps of waste is seen every day.

Central Market Vicinity Before ….

Central Market area after MCC installed CCTV recently…

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, MCC senior health inspector Kiran Giridhar said, “The city corporation has installed CCTV cameras at 12 locations in the city. CCTV cameras are placed near the black spots where people dump waste. We have already sent notices to many violators, based on the CCTV footage. Many people have already paid a penalty after we issued notices. Meanwhile, a case has also been filed at the Barke police station, against a street vendor near the Central Market,”.

Nandigudda to Marnamikatta Inner Road installed with CCTV….

He further said, “The surveillance team found a street vendor dumping waste near the Central Market premises. He had dumped many bags filled with garbage at a public place. Accordingly, a notice was served to him, but instead of paying the penalty, he abused the officials at the MCC office. Hence, a police complaint was filed, and he will face the consequences soon. Other than paying a penalty, the violators have given a written undertaking, that they will not repeat the mistake. We will continue this initiative, till all black spots are converted into clean areas”.

It should be noted that recently when Urban development minister Byrathi Basavaraj had visited Mangaluru, he had pointed out several black spots in the city. In fact, the minister went around the city in the morning on the day he came (1 February 2022), before holding a meeting. Following this, officials led by MCC commissioner Akshy Sridhar took initiatives to clear all black spots, through various initiatives, including penalising the violators. However, much more has to be done with strict penalties slapped on litterbugs, since people are still dumping garbage, no matter what.

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  1. Installation of CCTV waste of tax payers money. Those determined to throw trash will do so anyway, further, these CCTV’s never work most of the time,

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