Help Save the Planet, Use Biodegradable Products

Conventional plastic is made from oil can take up to 300 million years to form and 1000 years to degrade naturally. Non-recyclable plastics will usually end up in landfill sites or be washed out to sea. To make a difference to a greener and cleaner tomorrow, people are looking at products that are environmental friendly. One of such product is biodegradable products, which is also an alternative to plastic.

Let?s understand what is biodegradable products, these are products or materials that can be naturally broken down into raw materials in short period of time as a result of exposure to moisture, heat & biological agents such as bacteria, fungi. These products are used on daily bases at home such as paper towels, toilet paper, newspapers, junk mail, books, paper plates and cups, clothing, biodegradable dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, glass and multipurpose cleaners, diapers, pet waste bags, trash bags and eating utensils, etc.
Let?s think what the advantages of Biodegradable products have, Biodegradable product and biodegradable bags take much less time to break down after being discarded, if they haven?t been recycled there will be no landfills.  Biodegradable product are renewable Biodegradable plastics are made from biomass, which is a completely renewable resource. Biodegradable product is much better for the environment, because there is no harm done to the earth when recovering fossil fuels.

Also, in this process there are very few greenhouse gas and harmful carbon emissions. Regular plastics need oil for their manufacturing, which pollutes the environment. Biodegradable product require less energy to produce, needs less than half the energy to produce  their non-biodegradable counterparts. This means that it is possible to make twice the amount of biodegradable packaging and biodegradable bags using the same amount of energy.  These products are easily recycled and reused more efficiently.

As we can see, the advantages of biodegradable product are substantial and of great significance for the future of our planet. For me, researching and writing on biodegradable products has been an enjoyable learning process, as I am committed to reducing the environmental pollution as much as I can. The benefits of biodegradable products are so clear that its time people start consciously use environmental friendly products and become more aware of the impact certain products have on our Planet.

The earth, the air, the land and the water were not an inheritance from our forefathers but a loan from our children. So we have to handover to the next generation at least as it was handed over to us. – Mahatma Gandhi.

By Rithika Rajapala Shetty
Delhi Private School ? Dubai
Grade V

Author: Rithika Rajapala Shetty