Hema Malini defends her driver, blames father of deceased child for the accident

Mumbai (PTI): While the parents of the 4-year-old girl who died in the car accident are still mourning the death of their child, actor turned politician Hema Malini in a series of tweets accused the father of the deceased for not following traffic rules which eventually led to the accident.

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The actress further vented out her anger on media for sensationalizing the accident.

The accident took place in Dausa, Rajasthan when Hema Malini’s speeding Mercedes collided head-on with an Alto carrying six people on July 2.

While Hema Malini fractured her nose and suffered from minor injuries, a four-year -old girl lost her life in the accident.

Following the accident, Hema Malini’s driver was arrested on charges of causing death by negligence and rash driving.

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A. S. Mathew

Defending her driver! He was driving the Benz car in very high speed and while overtaking another car created an head on collision, thus killed the 4 year old girl and put that family in to tears. Malini was immediately taken to a posh hospital while the girl and the family were taken to some low grade Government hospital. The child’s father has complained that if she were taken to the same hospital where the movie star was rushed, the child’s life might have been saved. Now, the colorful politician is putting the blame on the innocent people. She made… Read more »

shaikH MOhD rizwtan

Dear readers,

Even ‘Being human’ Salman Khan defended himself for long time.Then Salman Khan bonds with Narendra Modi on Makar Sankranti by flying kites, eating lunch together; stops short of backing him for PM.

Finally the reward for 2002 hit-and-run case Bombay High Court bails out Salman Khan like PM Modi with ‘clean chit’ for ‘Godhra’ case.

Khan continued his shooting and Modi took Ganga dip and went to globetrotting.

Jai hind

Original R.Pai

Who is this unknown? Clearly, her tweets are in poor taste. Even if he did a mistake (which I doubt!!), you don’t bring it up when he is grieving the death of his child. She needs to be sent back to anganawaadi for better education all over!!