Hijab Row in Kundapur: Muslim Girls who Ignored Govt. Order Stopped at the College Gate

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Hijab Row in Kundapur: Muslim Girls who Ignored Govt. Order Stopped at the College Gate

Kundapur: Despite the state government order, Muslim girl students of Government Pre-University College Kundapu̧r who turned up at the college wearing hija̧b were denied permission to enter the college campus on Thursday, February 3.

On February 2, as 27 Muslim girl students of Kundapur Pre-University College attended classes wearing the Hijab, Hindu students came with saffron shawls to the classrooms. Later a meeting was held with the parents of the Muslim students, under the chairmanship of local BJP MLA Haladi Srinivas Shetty could not come to a consensus on the issue.

Shetty has now sought the intervention of the state Education Minister, B.C. Nagesh to handle the issue. The minister has told the college authorities that students can come to the classrooms only in uniforms and those coming with the hijab or saffron shawls will not be allowed.

On February 3, when Muslim girl students came wearing the Hijab, the college principal stopped them near the college gate and asked them to follow the government order.

A War of words ensued between the girls and the principal. The Students said that the Government order did not mention Kundapur College. But the principal said that order is applicable across the state.

Meanwhile, Some students of Bhandarkar’s College who came wearing saffron shawls to the college were stopped by the college administration from entering the campus. The students shouted Jai Sriram slogans inside the campus.

The college authorities have said that the uniform code has been in place for many years. The students should compulsorily follow the college rules.

The state government has set up a high-level committee to decide on allowing the wearing of hijab by students in classrooms. Until the report is submitted, the government has asked the students to attend the classes only wearing the uniform.

Meanwhile, political developments are taking a communal turn threatening the academic atmosphere. With two months left for the examinations, the issue is threatening to snowball into a major controversy.

The Hijab issue has been discussed at the international level causing a dent in the image of the state known for its progressive administration. The students of Udupi college have approached the Karnataka high court on the issue.

Udupi BJP MLA has asked the students not to enter the college campus wearing the Hijab, and those coming to the college wearing the Hijab will not be allowed to attend the classes.

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