Hike in Power Rates due to Loss of Rs 1.47 Cr to Mescom Infrastructure Damages by Rain

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Hike in Power Rates due to Loss of Rs 1.47 Crore to Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (Mescom) Infrastructure Damages by Rain

Mangaluru: Due to heavy rainfall, accompanied by gusty winds, had left several trees up-rooted and wrecked havoc on infrastructure, causing a loss to MESCOM (Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited). From 1 April 2021 t0 15 June 2021, a total of 2428 electricity poles were uprooted, 165 transformers were damaged and supply lines (total 56, 456 km) were destroyed across Dakshina Kannada. The Mescom has suffered a loss to the tune of Rs 475.34 lakh (about Rs 1.4 crore) . Udupi district tops the list of districts with the highest number of damages to Mescom’s infrastructure suffering a loss at Rs 560.93 lakhs.

In DK district, Mangaluru taluk suffered the maximum damage of Rs 17 lakh which accounted for 86 poles, six transformers and 2.58 kms of line damage. In eight taluks of the district, 450 electric poles have been damaged and the cost is pegged at Rs 40 lakh. Next in line was Sullia where 63 poles were damaged costing 5.72 lakh and next was Kadaba with 56 poles with damage estimated at Rs 5 lakh.

Mangaluru taluk also saw six transformers being damaged, the highest in DK, and the cost was Rs 8.40 lakh. Mescom in DK has eight taluks under it namely Mangaluru, Moodbidri, Mulki, Puttur, Sullia, Kadaba, Bantwal and Belthangady. The last four taluks had nil transformer damage. Udupi’s loss came at the cost of transformers where 39 transformers were damaged at an estimated loss of Rs 42.33 lakh, whereas DK suffered only 17 transformer damage costing Rs 23.8 lakh. The line damage in Udupi was 6 km with loss estimated at Rs 4 lakh.

As many as 335 poles were damaged in Udupi’s seven taluks namely Udupi, Kaup, Brahmavar, Karkala, Hebri, Kundapur and Byndoor accounting for loss estimated at Rs 30.31 lakh. Hebri accounted for most pole damages at 68 estimated at Rs 6 lakh with Kundapur and Karkala accounting for 54 each with combined loss estimated at Rs 10 lakh. Kundapur accounted for 10 transformers costing Rs 11 lakh.

Line damages were Rs 6 lakh for nine km in Udupi. Only Brahmavar and Byndoor had less transformer damage at three and one respectively. Line damages were most in Kaup and Hebri at nearly 2.30 kms each and the combined loss was Rs 3 lakh.

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  1. Tell me please how much was spent by MESCOM to put up two swanky office buildings at Kavoor. Surely crores have been spent on these two buildings- and now they say they are at a loss of 1.5 crores.
    Public accounting is a must.

  2. Its naturall loss claim with government. They have our taxes. Dont loot this way

  3. So what are they doing with the ***ting they have been up to since several years and not to mention the swanky office buildings and new headquarters literally in every district. Their **** never ends. There should be more than just one player in power supply I believe. Arvind Kejriwal would have made a fine CM in Karnataka to stop this daylight ******y from MESCOM

  4. Mescom is highly ******ted. They just give any reason to increase electricity bill and *****ng public. I see most of the electricity poles are on weak foundations. There is a threat that these poles may fall on people walking on footpath. This is the state. Many transformers are dating back to 1961 and 1964. What infrastructure is mescom talking about.

  5. I agree with Mr Soans. Regarding the electric poles MESCOM demands that plot owners have to pay for shifting poles that they themselves have illegally placed on private land without permission. can you imagine the amount- 15,000 for one pole; this is a ripoff.
    (they refuse to tell me when the pole was installed; who authorised them to do so and why if the pole is tilting because of poor foundation/ collapsing I have to get it shifted at MY COST.)
    This is MESCOM bullying of citizens while they build palatial offices for themselves.

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