Hindu activists object to Muslim merchants’ presence at convention

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Hindu activists object to Muslim merchants’ presence at convention

Bengaluru: Hindu activists in Karnataka’s Madikeri district on Saturday staged a protest by sitting on the ground to vacate Muslim merchants from carrying out their business in a convention organised at Shanivarasante of Somavarapet taluk.

The Muslim merchants were carrying out their business in the state-level convention of organic farming and indigenous breeds of cows organised by Manehalli Mutt.

They had put up sugarcane juice and snacks shops. The Hindu activists present on the spot objected to their presence and told them to vacate.

“What is the connection between the convention of indigenous breeds of cows and the people who slaughter cows,” submitted the activists.

They further said that “the Muslim merchants do not have any love for cows they only want to carry out the business here”.

Meanwhile, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had demanded to get shops of Muslims vacated from the premises of famous Chamundeshwari hills in Mysuru city.

Sriram Sene founder Pramod Muthalik has met the Deputy Speaker and BJP MLA Anand Mamani and urged that non-Hindus merchants should be vacated from the premises of the Savadatti Yallamma pilgrimage centre in Belagavi district.

He visited Savadatti Yallamma temple and stated that lakhs of pilgrims visited the temple and there are more than 50 per cent of Muslim merchants carrying out their business here, he said.

If there are non-Hindu staff in the Religious Endowment department, they should be transferred immediately. Otherwise, a protest will be staged, he said.

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  1. For many years, I have been warning on this site the consequences of minority vote-bank politics. For decades, hindu community has been mocked and ridiculed unfortunately by some arrogant sections of minority community encouraged by some ‘secular’ political parties. It was a bad idea and now we are seeing the consequences of such arrogant policies. They mocked Hindu customs, opinions, lifestyle, traditions, philosophy and every little thing associated with Hindu. Deepavali celebration was criticized. Ganesh Chaturthi was mocked. Dasara was made fun of. Everyone was labelled as ‘saffron’ brigade. Remember the fake stories of church attacks when Modi came to office. Hindu was an easy target. If you dare to question the fake story, you were immediately branded as right wing. At the same time, the same political parties and media turned a complete blind eye towards criminal behavior of certain sections (minority) in our society. All the blame for the current situation should go to media and fake ‘secular’ parties. If they had any honesty or respect for true secular values, they wouldn’t have behaved in an arrogant way towards majority population. I hope they are learning a lesson now.
    By the way, this is the same situation here in US and Western societies. The majority (White, Christian) population has been mocked and ridiculed for many years by the same troublemakers. That’s why rightwing politics is on rise here in West as well. The constant lying by mainstream media has made even average man very upset with institutions and establishments. Hope the media and journalists finally grow a spine and stop hiding the truth.

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