How Do I Find the Best Video Poker Machines?

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How Do I Find the Best Video Poker Machines?

Many casino players love to play slot machines due to their simplicity. However, you will find a good number of professional gamblers who fancy video poker machines. While slot machines are quite easy to play and primarily based on luck, this isn’t the case with poker machines.

To play video poker games, you must possess a certain level of skill and strategy. The games require a careful and thoughtful process which makes poker games pretty fun and thrilling to play. Unlike slots, video poker games aren’t purely based on luck. You also get massive returns playing video poker machines and more when compared with slots returns.

Video poker games aren’t as simple as slots so you would need to choose the perfect poker machine for your play. In this article, we will guide you on how to select the best video poker machine.

Factors to Consider

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a video poker machine

● Payback Returns

One of the most important aspects of gambling with real money is the return on every win. Each casino offers different variations on various casino games. One good feature of playing video poker is that the machine shows the expected returns on your money. This feature video poker offers is quite unique as very few games allow you to know your possible returns even before you start playing.

● High Pay tables

Video poker games also come in different variants depending on which casino you choose to play. The returns on each variant differ due to their pay tables.

Pay tables are used in video poker to determine the return of your money on each game. Therefore, the higher the number of hands, the more likely you are to lose your money. So ensure you check out the video poker machines that offer excellent pay tables.

● Strategy

As we mentioned earlier, video poker unlike slots requires you to have a strategy at the back of your palm when playing. There are various video poker games available. Each game requires different strategies and varies in its complexity. Video poker has strategy charts for different games and pay tables.

When choosing a video poker machine, make sure you go for games you are familiar with and require less complicated strategies. Avoid playing games that demand complex strategies as this could see you losing more to the house.

Volatility of Video Poker Games

The volatile and flexible nature of video poker games is another aspect to consider when choosing a video poker machine. One thing to note is that the number of returns determines the volatility of the video poker game. The volatility of the games also is low if there is just one high paying hand.

Games like Jacks or Better have very few high-paying hands. However, other video poker games such as Bonus Poker have many high-paying hands. This means that video poker games with higher-paying hands tend to be more volatile than those with low paying hands.

The principle is simple; you get lower returns on games with high-paying hands and low frequently appearing hands since the returns occur not so often. So games that are volatile require more bankroll from the player to be able to carry on.

The volatility of video poker games is a crucial aspect of video poker. Therefore, choose video poker machines with video poker games that are favourably volatile and less complicated.

Some of the Best Video Poker Games to Play

It is important to note that not every video poker game offers the same payback percentage or odds. However, here are some of the best video poker games you can play:

● Jacks or Better

Perhaps the most popular video poker game around is the Jacks or Better games. You will find this game in almost every casino. Although it doesn’t offer the best odds, you still get a 9/6 payable and decent payback percentages than most games around. The rules of Jack or Better are pretty simple and easy to play and perfect for any beginner.

● Bonus Poker

This video poker game is also quite similar to Jacks or Better. However, the payback percentage of the bonus poker after a run of games differs from that of the Jack or better.

The average payback percentage of bonus Poker is about 99.17% which makes it one of the highest paying games in the casino.

● Deuces Wild

The gameplay of deuces wild is pretty similar to Jacks or Better with a little alteration. Just like the name “deuce”, the 2s in the deck serve as wildcards to complete a full hand. The payback percentage of the deuce wild with 99.73% overshadows the Jacks or Better’s 99.54%.


There is no doubt video poker machines are an excellent alternative to slot machines. The various features video poker offers makes it a more attractive game to play in any casino.
Choosing the best video poker machine will give players a better chance of winning.

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