How To Fight The Exam Stress For A Stress Free Preparation?

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How To Fight The Exam Stress For A Stress-Free Preparation?

Exam stress is real stress and it can affect students in a negative way if it is not managed in a positive way. Exam time is not easy and it can give people anxiety. The overwhelmed feeling can be controlled with the help of tips to manage the examination stress. There is a biological cause behind the anxious feeling that one gets during the exam season. The culprit of it is adrenaline which helps one in a fight or flight situation, basically, it helps the person in fighting a stressful situation. The adrenaline rush is good to tackle a stressful situation. However, sometimes it creates symptoms of anxiety which becomes difficult to manage. Here is how one can handle exam stress during an approaching exam.

1. Time management

During this time, stress is often felt when one realizes that they are running out of time to complete the syllabus. The best way to fight this kind of stress including the Sarkari Exam is by creating a proper plan of the syllabus as soon as you get the exam date sheet. Creating scheduling will give you a clear idea about the time that will be needed to complete a syllabus for different subjects and will help you to manage your time in an efficient manner.

2. Clean your desk

It is not a good idea to study in a cluttered task. A cluttered desk represents your cluttered mind. Also, a cluttered desk can make you feel anxious and remove the ability to focus. Having a clean and organized desk will help you to focus better and will relax you.

3. Stretch your body

Sitting and always studying is not a good idea even during the active season. It is important to ensure that your body gets some sort of physical activity to stay fit. An active body ensures that you have an active mind. Exercise and stretch your body in the middle of a busy day to give yourself a break from the examination stress. It is recommended to take a short walk whenever you feel like it.

4. Practice deep breathing

Deep breathing instantly relaxes your mind instantly. When one is anxious, their breathing rate quickens. When you consciously control your breathing and take a slow breath, you instantly relax your mind. It reduces your cortisol level. While taking deep breathing, inhale for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of four and then exhale for a count of four.

5. Reduce the intake of sugar

When one is stressed, the adrenal glands release a stress hormone known as cortisol to manage the stress. Cortisol also affects the sugar level and therefore, it is recommended to reduce the sugar intake. Have a high-protein breakfast and do not skip breakfast. Avoid eating liquids that are high in sugar.

6. Reduce your phone usage

Smartphones can be quite distracting and therefore, it is recommended to reduce smartphone usage at all costs. Also, turn off the notification to ensure that you do not engage in a conversation with anyone and end up wasting your time. You can set a fixed time to interact with your friends, check notifications of Sarkari Result and check in to your social media accounts during the exam time. When you are switching, either keep the phone in flight mode or turn off the notifications.

7. Use positive affirmations

If you want to calm yourself during exam time, try using positive affirmations. Repeating the positive affirmation will instantly calm you down and will boost your confidence level. Trying positive affirmation during the stress will reduce the adrenaline level and will calm you down. A few affirmations that you can try during the exam season are, “I am going to do well in the syllabus” and “I am managing my time well.”

8. Focus on the progress that you are making

If you go for perfection, you will always be anxious. Therefore, it is a good idea to focus on progress instead of perfection. When you are focused on the progress, you will be motivated to go for further progress. You can focus on progress instead of perfection by setting realistic goals for yourself and enjoying the small success that often comes in the path of a big success.

Lastly, it is important to be kind to yourself and take care of your mental health and physical health during the exam.

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