How to Get Skinny Fast: 10 Tips for Quick Weight Loss

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How to Get Skinny Fast: 10 Tips for Quick Weight Loss

Anyone who wants to lose weight would be thinking about how to get skinny really fast and still be safe. The challenge is sometimes finding the right way of losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight. 

Weight loss does not have to be hard. It is possible you may be confused with many diets, meal replacement plans, or supplements to a point you feel it is worth trying out something new. Losing weight does not have to be complicated as you will see from our list of top 10 ways to lose weight and do it safely. 

How to Get Skinny Fast & Safely

You may come across many recommendations for burning fat and losing weight. However, are the methods safe? Below are the tips on losing weight quickly while at the same time doing it safely.

Intermittent fasting

Weight gain can generally keep you down, but intermittent fasting can be a way of changing that. Intermittent fasting can come in different forms. It simply means that you are restricting your calorie intake so that you can burn body fat to lose weight fast

A good example is when you fast for 18 hours and eat within a 6-hour window. The other option would be eating one meal a day. 

Diet and exercise

Rapid weight loss can only be realized with the way you eat and exercise. As you can see, having a healthy diet would also help you lose weight.

If you are going to exercise, consider strength training and HIIT workouts to burn calories leaving you with a lean body mass. It is not just about helping you burn fat but also improving your mental health and mood. Most people who work out end up feeling good generally. 

Mindful eating

Paying attention to how and where you eat food can help in maintaining a healthy weight. It is possible that you might not always have the time to cook daily but consider eating healthy foods mostly. Adopting a low-carb diet is highly recommended to lose weight quickly in such a case.

Other ways of mindful eating to lose fat include having a low-calorie diet, avoiding distractions while eating, eating slowly to feel full with ease, and opting for healthier food options with the nutrients you need.

Eat more protein

Proteins are responsible for muscle mass and can help you consume fewer calories in low-carb diets. HealthCanal recommends adopting diets filled with proteins such as chicken breast, lean beef, and other protein sources for sustainable weight loss.

For breakfast, consider eggs, nuts, oats, chia seed pudding, and sardines to get the best proteins. 

Cut back on refined carbohydrates and sugar

few studies have linked processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar to excess body fat. You may find it hard to cut all of them from your diet, so it is best to slowly reduce how much and often you eat them before eliminating them. 

When you reduce carbohydrates and sugar, you are also reducing more calories you consume per day thus losing weight fast. To lose body fat better, consider using healthy options such as whole grains, fruits, herbal teas, and more. 

Eat more fiber

As part of your balanced diet, consider healthy foods with a lot of fiber. The work of fiber in foods is to help eliminate the chance of having excess fat, keep you feeling full for longer, and improve digestion.

This type of fiber is not digested, so it will not affect how the body adds more belly fat. The best part is that you can also lose weight gradually since you are not taking in more calories than you need. With the body at a calorie deficit, you can lose weight. 

Balance gut bacteria

Having good gut health is essential to how healthy food is digested and nutrients absorbed. Since you will be at a calorie deficit, you also want to maximize the nutrients from the food you eat to avoid nutrient deficiencies. 

Consider eating fermented foods, prebiotic foods, and a wide range of plants to improve your gut bacteria and health conditions. 

Get enough rest

It might come as a surprise that a good night’s sleep would help lose weight faster. It is true that poor sleep can lead to obesity. There are even studies showing this. Having poor quality sleep will slow down your metabolism. With slowed metabolism, the body stores more fat. 

Also, having poor sleep leads to an increase in cortisol and insulin production which can prompt the storage of more fat. 

Manage your stress better

Having more stress leads to an increase in cortisol which translates to more stored fat. Also, the same hormone can affect your appetite. That is why some people tend to eat more while stressed. So, work on your stress triggers and you should be able to improve your body mass index in no time.

Take more water

Drinking plenty of water is highly recommended as it can help with having a healthy metabolism, combat bloating, and will leave you feeling full easily. Consider using high-water content foods such as tomatoes, asparagus, watermelons, and more while on a very low-calorie diet. 

Know Your Body Type

Those looking to understand how to get skinny fast should also understand their body type. If you are overweight, it is possible to lose water weight quickly and maintain the same trajectory. In case you are already skinny, you might not lose the same as an obese person.

Another thing is to set a realistic goal. Let us say you want to lose 40 kilograms, it is possible to do it, but not in a month. So, do your research to see what would be a realistic weight loss trajectory. 


You can always try high-intensity interval training, lean protein, exercise habits, and other tips mentioned above to promote weight loss. If you can follow these tips, you should expect fast and consistent weight loss. Make sure that you also consult your doctor in case you are worried about your health before trying to lose weight fast. Make sure to change your lifestyle to also keep off the lost weight.

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