How to Play Craps: Explained in Under 5 Mins

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How to Play Craps: Explained in Under 5 Mins

Despite its initial complexity, Craps is a game that can be easily grasped and enjoyed. The dynamic gameplay, diverse betting opportunities, and captivating moments make Craps an equally thrilling spectator sport.

Experience the allure of Craps, a dice-based casino favorite that caters to all kinds of players with its high-energy gameplay and a plethora of betting choices. Begin your online casino journey today using our comprehensive beginner’s handbook, which elucidates the rules, identifies the wisest wagers, and allows you to enhance your skills through complimentary online Craps games.

The Basics of How to Play

Although the fundamental principles of playing craps online mirror those in a physical casino, certain distinctions arise in the game arrangement and mechanics. Check our comprehensive, step-by-step manual, enabling you to swiftly and effortlessly initiate your online gambling experience.


Craps provides a diverse array of over forty distinct betting options. Among the most frequently chosen wagers are:

  1. Pass Line.  Gamblers wager on the initial roll, seeking a 7 & 11 for victory, while 2 to 3 & 12 spell defeat. If the roll produces numbers like 4 to 10, the chosen number must appear again before a seven to secure a win.
  2. Come Bet. Identical rules apply as with a pass-line wager. It’s an inside game.
  3. Anti Pass Line. The player places a bet on the initial roll, aiming for a win with a roll of 2 & 3, considering 12 as a push, and losing with a roll of 7 & 11. If the roll results in numbers 4 to 10, a seven must be rolled before the chosen number repeats to secure a win.
  4. Anti Come Bet. Identical rules apply as with an Anti Pass wager. It’s an inside game.
  5. Field Bet. A player wins if any field box numbers are drawn. There are two names for a field bet: “1-ROLL BET” and “FIELD BET.”
  6. Place Bet. Point bets are wagers placed on 4 to 10 that are not part of a contract. Unless the player specifies otherwise, the come-out roll will “off” a Place Bet.
  7. Proposition Bet. The numbers 3, 2, 7, 11, & 12 make up a single roll bet.

Now that we’ve covered the game betting types, let’s dive into its gameplay!


Playing the game of Craps involves a series of dice rolls, with the designated roller known as the shooter. The initial roll, the come-out roll, significantly impacts the course of the game for that shooter’s turn. A come-out roll resulting in 7 or 11 leads to automatic wins for pass-line bettors.

Conversely, pass-line bettors suffer automatic losses if the come-out roll yields 2, 3, or 12. If the come-out roll presents any other number, that number becomes the point, and the shooter must match it in subsequent rolls.

Once the point is set, the shooter must roll that specific number before rolling a 7. Should a 7 appear before the point, the shooter’s turn ends, and the next person takes over.

Players who wagered on the previous roll can become the shooter as the dice circulate the table. When your turn arrives, you can take your chance as the shooter or pass it on to the next player.

Game Objective

In Craps, success hinges on chance rather than skill or tactics. The primary objective is to foresee the result of the two dice rolls accurately. Players wager on the specific dice combination they believe will emerge from the roll in each round.

Game Table

Upon first observation, the craps table might appear intimidating. The arrangement showcases a myriad of betting choices accessible to players. A general guideline suggests that wagers on the table’s periphery offer superior odds than those in the center.

Game Dice

The dice game involves a pair of dice, and participants place wagers on the result of every roll. Handling the dice is exclusively entrusted to the stick person, who utilizes a curved implement to gather and transfer the dice to the designated shooter for their turn to throw the dice following each roll.

Game Puck 

A circular disc bearing the inscription “off” on one face and “on” on the opposing side constitutes the hockey puck. Until the shooter’s point is determined during the come-out roll, the initial roll of the dice, the puck shows the “off” side. Once the point is determined, the dealer flips the puck and positions it atop the designated point number on the gaming table.

The Rod

The stick individual uses an elongated and curved rod to gather the dice following each roll and present them to the shooter.

The Boxoverseer

Oversees the box, the central hub for placing center bets on the table. This individual validates payouts, records call bets (wagers made on casino credit), and maintains game control.

The Dealers/Croupiers

The croupiers manage the currency and tokens on either side of the box-overseer. They convert cash into chips, distribute payouts for successful wagers, and collect the table from unsuccessful bets. Additionally, the croupiers indicate the point and assist players in placing bets in more distant locations.

The Shooter

During a game of craps, each participant can become the roller, provided they maintain an active pass or don’t pass bet. The roller carries the dice for the entire table, and the privilege rotates clockwise around the gaming surface. When you’re not assuming the role of the roller, you’re placing bets on the outcome of the dice roll by the current roller.

Craps offers a wide range of betting options, some of which boast excellent odds, presenting the potential to win substantial money. While no strategy can guarantee perfect dice results, there are proven techniques to enhance your bankroll. With a plethora of bets available, you have numerous options to choose from based on your gaming preferences.

Despite the initial complexity of the craps table’s appearance, the game is straightforward and ranks among the simplest table games found in casinos. Our user-friendly guidelines make playing craps even more accessible. So, consider registering at our recommended online casinos and confidently delve into the world of craps entertainment.

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