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HP Govt honors Sr Jacintha Noronha of Shankarpura with Postal Stamp in Her Name

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HP Govt honors Sr Jacintha Noronha of Shankarpura with Postal Stamp in Her Name

Himachal Pradesh, a BJP Govt honors Sr Jacintha Noronha, an origin of Shankarpura-Udupi with Postal Stamp in Her name.

Shimla: Releasing postal stamp in the honour of a person is a rare honour, that too when they are alive. This honour came from BJP Government of Himachal Pradesh. On 1 May, 2018 the postal department of Shimla felicitated Sr Jacintha Noronha by issuing a ‘my stamp’ in her honour in recognition of her service to the education.

Sr. Jacintha Noronha came to Shimla in the year 1994 and since then she has been serving the people of Shimla tirelessly; opening up her heart and service to them. Having headed Sacred Heart Tara Hall for fifteen long years, her farsightedness bore fruit as she opened the portals of Sacred Heart Dhalli, giving the people of Sanjauli, Dhalli and the neighbouring colonies a Co-ed school for their wards providing quality education and Sacred Heart Convent Dhalli to commemorate the completion of 10 years of this institution. It was a small token of appreciation by the members of the school management committee to express their appreciation and gratitude to her!

The Founder Principal; even though physically absent will live in the hearts of all those whose life she has touched. The citizens of Shimla are forever indebted to her for her wonderful gift to them! Sr. Jacintha Noronha is the second among the six children of Late Denis and Christine Noronha of Shankarpura. Eldest son Joseph Noronha is the retired bank officer now serves at Mansa Pamboor as administrator. Sr. Jacintha has been transferred to Malta as a missionary.

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  1. What a great honor and recognition. What a beautiful gift of recognition from the Himachal Pradesh Government in honor of a Nun and her dedication. Every simple act performed in one form or another dowshave a premium of its own.

    This is a true indication that the Governemnt is conscious of all the good deeds every citizen performs towards the Nation. These kind of incentives go a long way for many others to appreciate that good deeds have their own rewards in our nation, sooner or later.

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