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Human ears prefer ‘auto-tuning’ of voices today: Shaan

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Human ears prefer ‘auto-tuning’ of voices today: Shaan

Bhubaneswar: One must not belittle the present day singers for using “auto-tuning”, as there is a great demand for it among the audience, says popular Bollywood singer Shaan (Shantanu Mukherjee).

“Auto-tuning that you are talking about is actually what the audience prefer these days, so I don’t think one should belittle them for using it,” Mukherjee said on the sidelines of Bhubaneswar Fest (cultural cum food festival) organised alongside Men’s Hockey World Cup.

“Human beings are listening to so much of digital content, I think our ears have become used to listening to such processed digital songs,” he added.

Talking about his children’s musical inclination, the man who started his career singing advertisement jingles told IANS: “I started singing almost at the age of 4, but won’t encourage my son Shubh to sing professionally at the moment. He is in his teens, his voice is changing, so he is learning classical music.”

Shubh Mukherjee has lent his voice to a song in YRF’s web series ‘Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa’ and also the Hindi version of singing the title track for Disney’s ‘DuckTales’.

He revealed his elder son Sohum Mukherjee is good with music production who is more into electronic music rather than Bollywood music.

During his gig, he also attempted the hockey anthem ‘Jai Hind Hind India’ composed by A.R. Rahman hoping the best for the national team.

The audience of Odisha was treated with one of his old hit Odiya song ‘Sei borosa sei raate mone pore’ (Do you remember that rainy night?) which he sang almost 15 years back.

While singing ‘Jab se tere naina’ (Saawariya) he said ‘aaj ke thirkate gaano jaisa nahi hai lekin mai khush hu ki ismein ek sadaa bahaar baat hai’ (these are not latest peppy numbers of mine but am happy that they are evergreen in nature).

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