‘I Only TRUST IN JESUS & Not VACCINE for Covid-19 Cure?’ says 108-year-old Michael D’Souza

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‘I Only TRUST IN JESUS & Not VACCINE for Covid-19 Cure?’ says 108-year-old Michael D’Souza

‘I Only TRUST IN JESUS & Not VACCINE for Covid-19 Cure? ‘ says 108-year-old Michael D’Souza. Michael says, “Why should I take a vaccine when I hardly go out of the house, and even if I go out to buy a few essentials I wear a mask and follow social distancing strictly. Until I reached 100 years, I only saw a doctor 3-4 times, but post 100 plus since I started seeing doctors for my recent old-age symptoms, I have developed more side effects from medicines. Therefore I try to keep myself away from medicines/hospitals and try to strictly follow my diet and do exercises. Now that I have reached 108, why even bother to get a vaccine, and take the risk of side effects. Those who believe in the vax, let them take it. I only TRUST IN JESUS and not VACCINE for Covid-19 cure, sorry? 

Mangaluru: Despite the relentless surge in COVID-19 cases and the government’s efforts to vaccinate the masses, citizens above 60 years of age are reluctant to come forward for the jab. The hesitancy is clearly evident where not many seniors are seen at the vaccination centres. Many older adults face the decision of whether to receive a vaccine with ease: they choose to get all recommended vaccines, or they refuse vaccines entirely. Others, however, find the decision more complex and make it on a case-by-case basis.

It also appears that the factors driving hesitancy toward COVID-19 vaccines resemble the factors driving hesitancy toward the flu vaccine. Older adults are unlikely to get a COVID-19 vaccine for certain factors which were driving their decision. They most often cited worry about the vaccine’s side effects, though many of them with greater frequency, and few of them indicated concern with the vaccine’s effectiveness as a top factor. In addition, respondents frequently noted the perceived risks of the COVID-19 vaccine as well as distrust in the government as key factors.

Elderly people fear that the vaccine may change their DNA. Some also worry that the vaccine isn’t fit for human consumption because the companies behind vaccine development may have skipped essential steps of the clinical trial process to legalize the vaccine faster. Even though Senior citizens were one of the first groups to receive the covid vaccine due to their fragile health caused by old age, unfortunately, older people were not believing in the vaccine’s benefits, therefore extremely reluctant to receive it.


Probably Michael Charles D’Souza was the ONLY one in Mangaluru who was driving a car for a living until 106 years of age, where he was a driver for a lady bank employee near to his house, but due to poor eye-sight, he has given up driving for two years. Except for a brief period in 1993 when he had cataract surgery, Michael has never stopped driving until his golden-ripe age of 106. A veteran of World War II, Michael has been driving for the last 90 years. Even now at the age of nearing 108 in October, He still wakes at 4 o’clock in the morning, does household work by himself, cooks his food, washes his clothes and does his errands. When you enter his house it feels like you are entering a Catholic chapel, with a bunch of religious statues and picture frames all over the wall, and a well-decorated altar. Michael loves to pray and pray, and he says that only prayer has kept him strong and healthy all these years.

Mary D’Souza-the Mother of Michael died at the age of 108, and Michael is still living at age 108?

Born in the same year the First World War broke out and was with the British Indian Army during the Second World War, and was employed as a driver in the Army. He was born on October 16, 1914, at Ooty in Tamil Nadu to Charlson and Mrs Mary D’Souza. He claims that his ancestors are Greek, who came to India from Bethlehem. His dad died at the age of 86, while his mother died at the age of 108, he says. Of the 13 children, Michael was the 10th child of his parents and the only one who is still alive. He joined the British Indian Army in 1932 at the age of 18 and served in Andhra Pradesh, Assam and Kashmir. He quit the British Army in 1942 to become a full-time driver. In 1952 he was sent to Mangaluru as a diesel concrete mixer machine driver by the then Madras state government. When Mangaluru became a part of Karnataka in 1956, he also became an employee of the Public Works Department. He worked with the PWD till 1982. At PWD, Michael had the chance to drive the general-purpose vehicle, affectionately called ‘Jeep’ (GP). He also was given the opportunity to drive a truck, tractors and even road rollers.

Michael receiving Food Kit from Fr Praveen Martis SJ and Fr Cyril D’mello at St Aloysius Covid Care Centre

“When I reached 104, after a health check my doctor said that I was incredibly fit for my age except for poor eye-sight and leg pain, and the medical records showed no signs of age-related ailments,” he said with a great smile. Michael got his first license in 1959, and he has renewed it constantly since then. “On my last visit, the RTO inspector said in jest that should I make it for my next renewal in 2019, then he will award me the permit to drive for a lifetime,” Michael smiles. He has only driven a two-wheeler once. “I got so dizzy, I stopped immediately. I am only cut out to drive vehicles with four wheels or more,” he says. In fact, several roads in Mysore, Udupi and Mangaluru were first asphalted and sealed when he drove the road roller over them. As a driver, he has travelled to many places in India, and he still cherishes those days of his long drives across the country. After his retirement, he worked as a private driver for two bank employees in Mangaluru.

If anyone doubts about his age, Michael has the proof – he still has a copy of his birth certificate issued by the St. Mary’s Church in Ooty, Karnataka State driver’s licence, his school certificates, his military records, identity cards, senior citizen cards, age certificate, several other old driving licenses, government records and many other documents. His wife Eliza D’Souza died in 2013 at the age of 83, and he has no children. Though they had no children, it was a happy marriage, he says, and they regarded the children of his elder brother as their own. Later in the years, he had an adopted son, who left him a few years ago, making him stay alone in his tiled-roof house in Hat Hill, Mangaluru on an eight cents property. His only companions at home are his 14 cats, two love birds and a dog. “Earlier, I used to even have a goat, a chicken and a duck. My wife was very irritated with the tortoise I had, so I had to give him up,” he says. Apart from feeding his 14 cats, two birds, one cat, he also feeds a bunch of stray dogs that come near his house. His brother’s daughter and grandchildren visit him occasionally. Presently his income is only the monthly pension of Rs 8000 from the Karnataka government.

On his 100th Birthday, a few of his neighbours and well-wishers had planned a birthday bash, but unfortunately, he got sick on that day, and even when the doctor said if he takes an injection he will be fine to attend his birthday bash. But being stubborn, Michael was reluctant to take the injection saying that in his 100 years of life he has never taken an injection and that he would not take one on his 100th birthday. However, the birthday bash went on without Michael’s presence, since many guests and friends had come to the party from near and far. Such is this grumpy old man!

When asked what is the secret behind his 108 young age, he replied saying, “Simple food, strict diet, no oily food or junk food, Pez ani lonche (in Konkani- Congee rice and Pickle) curd, chapati and bread. He restricts eating red meat, but likes eggs and sometimes chicken. He prefers more vegetarian food than non-vegetarian. “As our age progresses, I believe we should not strain our stomachs. Therefore, nowadays I eat meat only rarely,” he said, staring at my belly. He is also incredibly active – no matter the number of floors, he always takes the stairs. Even at this age, he is always dressed to thrill? One could notice him dressed in a formal shirt, pants and a golfer’s hat, and for special occasions, or when he is called to felicitate him, he attires himself in a three-piece black coloured suit. The one concession he does make for his age is that he now avoids going on long drives and driving late in the night.

When asked what his opinion was on the present drivers, especially youngsters. ÖMG, Terrible, reckless and dangerous!” he shakes his head. “People just don’t follow lane discipline anymore. Many think they are the Kings of the road and don’t care for the pedestrians, especially the seniors. It’s horrible the way auto-rickshaws and two-wheelers switch lanes these days. One of the main reasons I don’t drive in the evening is how people thoughtlessly switch on their high beams even on well-lit roads. It can easily lead to an untoward incident.” In his nearly nine decades behind the wheel, Michael says he had been slapped with a fine only once for not wearing a seat belt. “After I got the traffic violation ticket, I went to the Bunder police station to pay the fine. The police inspector took the receipt, laughed when he saw my age and the fact I was being fined for the first time, he said that he will pay the fine on my behalf and let me go,” smiles Michael. Ironically, Michael did not own a car, although the centenarian does not regret it. “I am happy that I was allowed to drive a car even at this age, and I don’t have any qualms about it,” he said.

If you want to know how to age successfully, your best bet is to ask older adults who’ve figured out the secrets. These few wise individuals mentioned here, including our Mangalorean Michael D’Souza, the 108-year-old “Super-Centenarian”, all of whom lived well into their later years, provide a range of witty, wise, and even practical tips for finding fulfilment, no matter what your age- like, “I have reached an age when, if someone tells me to wear socks, I don’t have to.”-Physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955); “At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us. At age 60, we discover they haven’t been thinking of us at all.” -Writer/Columnist Ann Landers (1918-2002); “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” American Writer/Activist-Betty Friedan (1921-2006).

And this is what Michael D’Souza had said on his 104th birthday when he was felicitated by AGE (Action Group of Elders), a Senior Citizens group in the City- ”My simple diet, active lifestyle, socializing with friends, daily prayers, and especially playing with my pet animals have kept me alive till now. The first time I had seen a doctor was on my 100th birthday, and ever since then I have been sick constantly? I trust in God, and not in Medicines. I am happy with my life so far”. These few very inspiring characterizations of old age fit with the concept of “successful ageing,” providing the view that it is possible to enjoy your later years in a way that exceeds your expectations. By sharing these wise, witty, and insightful quotes, I hope I’ve inspired you to think more positively about your own ageing and to gain a better perspective on ways to live as productively and as long as you can.

For a fact, as people get older, they move away from the egocentric concerns of youth to the more realistic perceptions of midlife and older adults, who realize that they are not the centre of the universe. As a result, older adults are free to do what they want, not constrained by what they construe to be the opinions of others. To you all ‘young’ folks out there I say, ”Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength. Aging can be fun if you lay back and enjoy it. Aging has a wonderful beauty and we should have respect for that.”. You are still young, and enjoy life- May God bless you all!

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