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‘I thought it was an Earthquake I was Sinking in the ground along with my Auto’ – JP

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‘I thought it was an Earthquake I was Sinking in the ground along with my Auto’ – Jayaprakash During Pipe Burst at Bendurwell

Mangaluru: “I thought it was an earthquake, I along with my autorickshaw started to sink in the ground. But people came to my rescue and saved me from sinking further. Later I realized it was not an earthquake but a high-pressure water pipe had burst washing away the soil underneath my auto”, said social worker Jayaprakash.

On October 10, at around 4:25 pm the weather was good with a clear sky. There was no sign of rain but a part of the Bendurwell area was flooded with water. At the same time, team Mangalorean reached the spot and was surprised to see water gushing out from the ground flooding nearby compounds. Team Mangalorean immediately informed the Mayor and requested to cut off the water supply to the area since a major high-pressure pipe had burst.

Speaking to mangalorean.com an elderly woman residing in a nearby apartment said, “Why are the government officers not understanding the problems faced by the residents of this area? Last month a water pipe had burst in the same area and people living in the vicinity had a tough time because of the digging and cutting work of the concrete road during the night. Every time they cut the concrete road during the night and don’t let us sleep. The concerned authorities should find a permanent solution to avoid such problems occurring in the future”.

Speaking to manglorean.com an official of the MCC said, “The waterpipe underneath the road has burst today since it is under the road we need to cut the road to access the problem.”

Speaking to mangalorean.com corporator of the area Naveen D’Souza said, “Last month we have cut the concrete to repair the pipe in this area. This pipeline goes from Bendur to Mangaldevi. It is a very old pipe which we are planning to replace as it cannot hold the water pressure. We will do the necessary work as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience to the people of the area. I have already sent a proposal to replace the pipe.”

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