Ideal Ice Cream-the King of Ice Creams! Founder Prabhakar ‘Pabba Maam’ Kamath Leaves Behind a Sweet Legacy

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Ideal Ice Cream-the King of Ice Creams! Founder Prabhakar ‘Pabba Maam’ Kamath Leaves Behind a Sweet Legacy

Mangaluru: “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ideal Ice Cream”- and that’s 100% true! Those who do not like ice cream are very rare. Ice cream is that one food item that can be enjoyed in any season. That is why big ice cream brands are so popular, and the Ice Cream brand which has earned name and fame in Dakshina Kannada, Mangaluru, India and across the globe is “IDEAL ICE CREAM” -one of the most famous brands of ice cream in the world. Ideal Ice Cream is probably the only brand of ice cream that takes the likes and dislikes, as well as the needs and new demands of its customers into account.

Ideal Ice Cream was first introduced in Hampankatta/Market Road, Mangaluru on May 1, 1975, with 14 flavours. The rest is history. This famous brand of Ice Cream that first revolutionized the Ice Cream scenario in Mangaluru in 1975 founded by S Prabhakar Kamath, continues to do so until today, under the able leadership of young and dynamic entrepreneur S Mukund Kamath, the son of Prabhakar Kamath. The emerging new face of their packaging with its ever-vibrant colours and corporate feel reiterates their efforts to not only match up to their customer’s expectation but exceed it. With a wide assortment of delicious Ice Cream in almost 40+ flavours, have achieved market leadership status in the category of Flavoured Ice Cream in India. Customer feedback is of utmost importance to the management of Ideal Ice Cream. In fact, it has helped them to grow exponentially and to consistently deliver the signature taste of Ideal Ice Cream that Ice Cream lovers in and around Mangaluru, out of Mangaluru, in other parts of India and abroad who have come to associate with and expect from Ideal Ice Cream.

Today, Ideal Ice Cream is known for the 40 plus flavours of ice cream that they have developed. But, has anyone ever wondered how Ideal Ice Cream, which completed 46 years in this industry, came this far with just 14 flavours of ice cream-The truth is Ideal Ice Cream has developed a staggering 40 different flavours of ice cream, over 175 products, 2000 Dealers and 27 Awards over this period of 46 years- and the credit should go to the Dad and Son Duo- S Prabhakar Kamath and S Mukund Kamath! Since the beginning, innovation has been a mainstay of Ideal Ice Cream and the famous Ice Cream concoction ‘Gadbad’ bears testimony to this. Ask anyone what Ideal Ice Cream is most famous for and you will get the answer ‘Gadbad’. So popular is this Ice Cream dessert that it has now become a generic name and imitations of this can be found in almost any Ice Cream parlour in coastal Karnataka.

L-R : Ms Divya Kamath (W/o Mukund Kamath), Mohith Kamath (S/o Mukund Kamath), S Mukund Kamath, Mrs Jaya Kamath (W/o of Prabhakar Kamath) and S Prabhakar Kamath

Prabhakar Kamath, the founder of Ideal Ice Cream started out in business dealing in general items. Seasonal fluctuations in the business got him thinking about a more secure line of business that would be in demand throughout the year. So, he decided to start an Ice Cream parlour in spite of there being fierce competition in the segment. Setting out to make the best Ice Cream possible, he taught himself the art of Ice Cream making and conducted experiments at home, testing his creations on enthusiastic neighbours. Three months later, he launched Ideal’s Parlour on Market Road in Mangaluru on May 1, 1975, with 14 flavours.

Mukund Kamath (L) and Prabhakar Kamath holding Ideal’s ‘Bella Candy’

In two short years, the Ice Cream that he manufactured so tantalized the taste buds of Mangaloreans that people were willing to wait in the queue, just to get a chance to savour the Ice Cream. With the growing demand, expansion was inevitable. Today, Ideal’s has five parlours in Mangaluru city, one of which is the largest Ice Cream parlour in the country. Ideal Ice Cream is also available through 2000+ dealers. Its retail network also stretches across coastal Karnataka, North Kerala and south Goa. Looking back into the history of Ideal Ice Cream, the saga of Ideal Ice Cream began in the early seventies with the establishment of the mesmeric Ideal Ice Cream Parlour right in the heart of the city near Hampankatta, opposite to District Wenlock Hospital, Mangaluru by visionary and entrepreneur, S. Prabhakar Kamath. Later, S. Mukund Kamath, the son of S Prabhakar Kamath, who at the tender age of 20 took up the reins. Ever since then, Mukund has taken the brand to a new level, expanding the business, experimenting and exploring new territories.

Recently, on 17 September 2021, yet another feather was added to its cap by launching the Brand New Ice Cream Cafe/Parlour “PABBAS IDEAL CAFE’ on the Ground Floor of Bharath Mall, Mangaluru, serving the public who crave for the delicious NUMBER ONE Ice Cream. With a seating capacity of 190, with the ground floor and Mezzanine Floor, this cozy new Ice Cream outlet is an IDEAL PLACE to try the wide varieties of IDEAL ICE CREAMS, along with delicious snacks and other delicacies. The other Pabba’s, near MCC Building on Lalbagh Road in the City, is the most visited artisanal Ice Cream parlour of coastal Karnataka, which serves a range of Ice Cream sundaes made using fresh ingredients, is Mangaluru’s jewel.

And with this brand new outlet of Ideal Ice Cream “PABBAS IDEAL CAFE’, your visit to Mangaluru for pleasure or for a shopping spree will be incomplete if you fail to patronize “Pabbas Ideal Cafe’ or for that matter the other few outlets of Ideal Ice Cream, namely- PABBAS (IDEAL) ICE CREAM PARLOUR-LALBAGH- Ph: 8277073444; IDEAL CAFE, OPP SHARAVU TEMPLE, G T ROAD Ph: 8277071444; IDEAL PARLOUR, G H S ROAD Ph: 8277072444I and IDEAL’s Market Road/Hampankatta Ph: 08242440396.

A ‘must visit’ place for anyone visiting Mangaluru. Ideal Ice Cream’s unique recipes now extend to 40+ flavours and from them Ideal creates about 175 combinations – each with a distinctive and indulgent taste that makes it a truly outstanding experience. What’s significant about Ideal Ice Cream is that it is 100% vegetarian. No egg is used. Just pure fresh milk, cream and a secret formula that remains within the family. In recent times, Ideal Ice Cream has diversified its product portfolio to include a number of retail products. These include Ice Candies, Chocobars, Ice Lollies, Choconutz, Ice Cream Cones, Ice Cream Sundaes and Cups in a variety of flavours. To this day, Ideal Ice Cream remains committed to developing exceptional new super-premium Ice Cream experiences, releasing new flavours every year.
Under the leadership of Mukund Kamath, and the support and blessings from his Father, the Ideal brand has grown in leaps and bounds. Mukund has been trained at the Central Food Technology & Research Institute in Mysuru and also at the National Dairy Research Institute of Bangalore. Together, both Dad and Son, sample every single batch of Ice Cream that comes out of the factory. Every industry needs the youthful zest, energy and innovative genius of the next entrepreneur to help it take a leap forward. S. Mukund Kamath has infused ingenuity and a contemporary feel into the Ice Cream industry of the coastal city of Mangaluru, with the guidance of his dear dad. Mukund will dearly miss his beloved dad, who was always by his side in this ice cream business. Mukund inherited a thriving Ice Cream business from his father S. Prabhakar Kamath, who started the now well-known Ideal Ice Cream Parlour in the city in the seventies. It is to Mukund’s credit that he expanded the business and charted it into new territories.

Ideal Ice Cream is “A brand so popular and famous that a visit to the cosmopolitan city of Mangaluru would be considered incomplete without a rendezvous at Ideal Ice Cream.” The philosophy at Ideal Ice Cream is simple-they treat ice cream like food and they select the purest and finest ingredients and then set out to create what has become one of the best Ice creams. Mangaluru is truly the pearl of the Arabian Sea and guardian of the West Coast. It is a land of exquisite cultures, charms and cuisines. A perfect blend of the traditional and the modern, it attracts thousands of visitors every day all year round. There are so many exciting things to see and visit in the cosmopolitan city, but undoubtedly, any visit to the city would be considered incomplete without relishing Ideal Ice Cream.

And finally, Ideal Ice Cream is “A brand so popular and famous that a visit to the cosmopolitan city of Mangaluru would be considered incomplete without a rendezvous at Ideal Ice Cream.” I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ideal Ice Cream! But sadly with the demise of S Prabhakar Kamath at age 79, after he had severe head injuries when a two-wheeler had hit him while he was crossing the road near his residence in Bejai on 28 October, which landed him into ICU of a private hospital, but breathed his last in the wee hours ( 3.30 am) on Saturday, 6 November- Mangaloreans and non-Mangalorean Worldwide will be paying tribute today and this week to the man who for over four decades brought a sweetness to the city.
Flowers and memorial messages will pour in during the last rites of late S Prabhakar Kamath, who was better known to many by the name of his famous ice cream brand Ideal Ice Cream, and the signature popular flavour “Gadbad”!. For more than four decades, “Pabba Maam” owned and operated the popular downtown Ice Cream shack near Hampankatta/Market Road in the City that served generations with treats such as the “Gadbad.” “Falooda”, : Sundaes”, ”Shakes” among other yummy ice cream flavours. Building such a vast Ice Crean dynasty, Prabhakar Kamath was a philanthropist, having contributed immensely to community projects. He liked children and kids liked “Pabba Maam”- and there’s probably not a kid in town that hadn’t been touched by him. Kids here were always going to his Ice Cream shack-He was a big part of town.

No doubt at all, that Ideal Ice Cream is most desired and loved by all Mangaloreans and Non-Mangaloreans, which was created by S Prabhakar Kamath, who will be remembered for bringing the Best Sweetness of Ice Cream to the Coastal Town. Sadly, the Man who had made Millions of People Happy by giving the BEST Ice cream to the World has left to his Heavenly abode. Team Mangalorean extends heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved family, a family that has been a great supporter of our website. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.


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  1. It’s sad news for us few friends who used to frequent Pabba’s shop before he ventured into Ice Creams. We are all very happy that his venture was a grand success and he was a man who showed that hard work pays and taking chances and risks is the strength of a successful man.
    More than anything he would be remembered for his helpful nature towards his family, friends, and community at large. A totally self made selfless man
    Well known to give to charities.
    He used to successfully manage excellent relations with family friends and business associates.everyone will miss delicious Ideal Ice Creams but we miss Dearest “PABBA”

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