If Congress Comes to Power Guarantees are Corruption, Scam, Bomb Blast, Terrorism in Karnataka – Ganesh Karnik

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If Congress Comes to Power Guarantees are Corruption, Scam, Bomb Blast, Terrorism in Karnataka – Ganesh Karnik

Mangaluru: “It is necessary to discuss development during the elections. Through political discussions, we can highlight our development and also the mistakes we made which will be corrected in the coming days. But the Congress party afraid of losing the elections in Karnataka, has stooped to low-level discussions. They call Narendra Modi by various names, the Congress party President Kharge has called Narendra Modi is like a poisonous snake. The Proxy National president who has more than 30 years of experience in politics, called Modi like a Poisonous snake which the BJP strongly condemns. Mallikarjuna Kharge is supporting the family politics of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. Kharge used the “Like a Poisonous Snake” word against Modi and exposed that he too is an aspirant for the CM’s chair”, said the BJP State spokesperson Capt Ganesh Karnik during a press meet held at the BJP poll campaign office, Rohan Square here on April 28.

Addressing the media persons Karnik said, “In the entire country, the people of Karnataka love Narendra Modi a lot. By calling Modi like a poisonous snake, Kharge has insulted the 6.5 crore people of Karnataka. Congress has 6 decades of experience in politics. On April 27, Narendra Modi addressed the party workers through a virtual meeting which was watched by more than 50,000 people”.

Karnik further said, “Nowadays it is a trend for Congress to give guarantees. So far, they have given many guarantees in other states and failed to fulfil them. Now they have started to give their guarantees in Karnataka. What guarantee does the Congress party give? If Congress comes to power, there will be a guarantee of family politics, guarantee in Corruption, Scam guarantee, appeasement guarantee, Bomb blast guarantee and Terrorism Guarantee. People of Karnataka should think whether they need such guarantees or they need the BJP government which has brought a lot of development for the country in 9 years?”.

When questioned about who will be involved in the bomb blast guarantee if Congress comes to power, Karnik said, “I don’t know whether Congress will be involved, but they are supporting terrorism”.

When questioned about Kharge’s poisonous snake remarks against Modi and his clarification”, Karnik said, “Kharge clearly mentioned Modiji like a “Poisonous snake”, he is now twisting his remark”.

District BJP spokesperson Jagadish Shenava, Randeep and Rathan were also present.

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    blockquote>76⁶⁶ÿÿÿLooks like BJP is planning all these as they’re surely going to face a loss in Karnataka. Voters remember West Bengal and Delhi and stay away from the BJP leaders. They don’t care for your lives or your well being. They are only hungry for power at any cost.

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