If Money Was Everything!

It was a cold night of monsoon season.

The clock had just struck 10.

A lean figure poorly clad knocked at the door of Kishor and broke the silence.

"Who is it?" a grim voice sounded within the house.

"Your friend Ashok" there came the feeble reply.

Kishor unwillingly got up from a soft silken couch and opened the door.

"My mother is dying, Kishor.  She will not survive unless I take her to the hospital.  Would you lend me some money?" Ashok gently asked.

"Sorry, Ashok, come tomorrow". Kishor shut the door.

"But, Kishor?.."  Ashok became speechless as Kishor bolted the door.

"Kishor, please?.!  For the sake of the friendship of our childhood days?.!"  But there was no response.  Someone turned the light off.

Ashok got down to the street and walked up to the doctor.  There was weeping in his heart.  He had no hopes that the doctor would attend to his ailing mother at that hour of the night.

He pressed the call bell.  The doctor opened the window and peeped out curiously.

"My mother is seriously ill, doctor.  She is down with high temperature.  Please come home".

"Good Lord! At this time of the night?  I am sorry, Ashok", the doctor was about to shut the window.

"Please come doctor.  Please?.!  I am afraid she needs your help badly", Ashok pleaded.

Doctor turned a deaf ear, gave him some pills and said:  "Give her these pills; now, morning and midday.  Ten Rupees!"

"" Ashok whispered a silent prayer for the dead and shared the grief of his old friend….""

I have no money, doctor", Ashok sincerely confessed.

"Then pay me tomorrow".  The doctor was very kind!

Ashok was desperate.  His tender heart could not bear these painful pangs of fate.  He would definitely lose his mother, the only person he treasured on earth.  He burst out into tears.

A few steps ahead was the Crucifix in the church compound.  Ashok knelt before it and prayed:  "Jesus, you alone are my comfort and refuge.  You alone understand this disappointed heart filled with woe and misery.  Lord, please heal my mother.  My life will be a barren desert without her".

Ashok hurried home.  He gave his mother the pills he had brought for her from the doctor.  He sat beside her throughout that night telling the Rosary beads.

The darkness slowly disappeared.  It was dawn. Ashok’s mother was gradually getting well. As she opened her eyes and muttered a few words, Ashok’s joy knew no bounds.  Off he ran to the church to thank Jesus for being so good to him.

No sooner had he reached the church than he heard the tolling of a death-knell.  Ashok stopped for a while and turned to the right where the sacristan was ringing the bell.

"Who is dead?" Ashok enquired.

"Kishor’s mother".  The old man replied.

"Who? Kishor’s  mother?  She was very healthy!" Ashok could not believe that she could have died.

"Yes", said the old man.  "She was healthy.  But suddenly she had a heart attack last night".  He lit his pipe.

"But?" Ashok continued.  "Could they not call the doctor?  They have lot of money".

"The doctor came home last night, yet every effort of his proved useless".  "She would have been alive, my boy", the old man added, "If money was everything!"  He smiled and walked off.

Ashok whispered a silent prayer for the dead and shared the grief of his old friend Kishor forgetting what has happened the previous night.

Money is not everything.  Virtues like Love, friendship, sharing, caring, etc., don’t depend on money.  Every one can be happy and satisfied in life as long as there is enough money to help make life comfortable.  It is also true that the most contented people are those who find lot of joy and happiness in the simple pleasures in life.  Money cannot replace someone loved and lost.  As people say money can buy a house but not a home.  Money can buy a clock but not the time.  Money can buy a bed and food but never sleep and appetite.  Money can buy books and positions but not the knowledge, love and respect.  Money can buy medicine but not health and life.  As we think over money we see that money is not everything.

For many people, money is everything. They believe that having a lot of money can bring them the satisfaction of which they have dreamed of in life.  Almost all material things here on earth can be bought with money as money is a medium of exchange to acquire any service or material things that we need in life.  Every one works very hard to earn money and some create business to accumulate and increase the amount of money they have.  It is perfectly okay to earn money so long a person walks on the path of righteousness and justice.  The worst thing of all is that a person would risk his own life and human dignity by doing a criminal act only to have money and become rich in life as he thinks that money means every thing in his life.  How sad it is to know that people some times get into such kind of false reality.

The reality we should always embrace is that we need money, but it does not mean that money is the only reason of our existence here on earth. Money is important, but it is not everything. There are so many other factors that can create fulfilment of our plans and dreams in our life and not money alone. Remember that money is only a material thing and it is created for our convenience to be used for good. Imagine a person has enough money to buy anything and everything that he wants, can he be truly happy and fulfilled with only the resource called money?

But without money one can not acquire education, knowledge and health in this world today.  If we do not have enough money we cannot survive longer as we cannot buy the food to live, we cannot pay the school fees for our education, we cannot pay the doctor for medical check ups, we cannot pay the rent and for our clothing.  In every step of our life we need money and money is indeed important but it is not everything.  But on the other hand without it you are lost?!

Money is good but loving it too much, craving for it so much that placing the value of it above our virtues makes it really bad.  We must not lose our human values to earn money as money in life is not everything?.!

Sharel Machado, Heidelberg, Germany

Author: Sharel Machado- Germany