If You Missed Getting Vaccinated-Get It Right Now at Fr Muller Hospital for FREE till 31 January

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If You Missed to Get Vaccinated-Get It Right Now at Fr Muller Hospital for FREE till 31 January 2022. LET’S SHIELD INDIA!

Mangaluru: Government and district administration are urging people that you should accept the vaccine you are offered first and get vaccinated as soon as it is your turn to reduce your risk. Do not delay getting vaccinated, unless advised to by your healthcare provider, as this could put you at risk of COVID-19. Getting vaccinated could save your life. In April 2020, WHO published the minimum criteria for how effective COVID-19 vaccines should be to make them useful for fighting COVID-19. All current vaccines authorized by WHO meet these criteria.

As they say “Better Late Than Never”, you still can take your FIRST vaccination now, and no one will question you for the delay. Getting vaccinated could save your life. Sources reveal that COVID-19 vaccines provide strong protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death. There is also some evidence that being vaccinated will make it less likely that you will pass the virus on to others, which means your decision to get the vaccine also protects those around you. Sources also reveal that even after getting vaccinated, keep taking precautions to protect yourself, family, friends and anyone else you may come into contact with.

COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective, but some people will still get ill from COVID-19 after vaccination. There is also still a chance that you could also pass the virus on to others who are not vaccinated. Stay at least 1 meter away from other people, wear a properly fitted mask over your nose and mouth when you can’t keep this distance, avoid poorly ventilated places and settings, clean your hands frequently, stay home if unwell and get tested, and stay informed about how much virus is circulating in the areas where you travel, live and work.

But there are very few conditions that would exclude someone from being vaccinated. You should NOT be vaccinated if: You have a history of severe allergic reactions/anaphylaxis to any of the ingredients of the COVID-19 vaccine, in order to avoid possible adverse effects; You have a fever over 38.5ºC on the day of your vaccine appointment. Postpone until you have recovered; You currently have confirmed or suspected COVID-19. Wait until you have completed the mandated isolation period and your acute symptoms have passed to get vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines are safe for people taking blood thinners, but you should let the person giving you the vaccine know about any medication you are taking BEFORE you are given the vaccine.

L-R: Ms Nishel Pereira (Staff Nurse); Ms Caroline Goveas (Jr Assistant Clerk); Ms Shilpa Jose (Staff Nurse) & Ms Riya Roshni Lasrado (Staff Nurse)

Having mentioned all that, to all those who feared getting affected by taking the Vax, be bold and take a deep breath and head to Father Muller Medical College Hospital, Kankanady, Mangaluru, the safest place to get vaccinated under the caring, experienced and dedicated medical fraternity, from Doctors to Nurses, and you will not regret. Just like many of you who were scared to get vaccinated out of fear that you may get sick or symptoms post-vaccination, I also fall in the same category- but today I took a bold step and with no fear stepped into the vaccination room on the First Floor OPD building Room No 32 Health Lounge, and was greeted with smiling nurses who were surprised that I had come there for my FIRST dose of Vax, but no questions were asked, the staff took my Aadhar card, asked for my age and phone number-I got my OTP, and in no time I got the jab.

Ssssh..I Got My FIRST Dose of Vaccination & it was Cool with No Fear & Worries having FMMH Caring Staff beside Me

And Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr Kishan Shetty was in charge of this vaccine drive and stood beside me till I was vaccinated, while the nurses had their last laugh. Keeping in mind the necessity of the vaccine and the situation of the public, the management of Father Muller Charitable Institutions took this initiative of providing vaccination celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and also the 73rd Independence Day by organizing this FREE VACCINATION DRIVE against Covid-19, which will continue till 31 January 2022 under the theme “LET’S SHIELD INDIA”, and also under the Father Muller Charitable Institutions motto of “Heal and Comfort”, and through this vaccine campaign, they conveyed the message- “Thank you for lending a hand to build a safer, Healthier India” which has been in line with its 140 plus years of healing heritage.

Dr Sudhir Hegde- Department of Anesthesia at FMMH getting his Booster Dose of Vax

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Dr Kishan Shetty said, “The Free vaccination drive at Father Mullers Medical College Hospital has started at the right time during the Third COVID-19 wave helping people beat the virus. Hundreds of people are benefiting from the FREE vaccination drive daily by getting their Covishield shots. The 1st Dose, 2nd dose and also Booster (Precaution) doses are available for free up to 31st January this year at Father Mullers Hospital. Covid vaccines have proven to benefit in avoiding getting infected in most cases and it is seen that in rare cases if vaccinated individuals do turn positive they are generally asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms for a day or two thus avoiding hospitalization and severe disease as was seen during the earlier COVID waves”.

Well said by Dr Kishan, to all those who until now, including myself had the fear and jitters of getting the vax, and with no comments, I say that my FIRST experience to get my FIRST dose of vaccination went on smoothly under the careful hands of Dr Kishan Shetty who stood beside me during the process, and the charming and dedicated Nurses- Ms Riya Roshni Lasrado (In-Charge ), Ms Nishel Pereira, Ms Shilpa Jose; and Junior Assistant Clerk Ms Caroline Goveas for entering my personal details with no hassles. Interesting to note was that, while many had come to get their Third Booster dose of Vax, I stood there to get my First Dose of vax-Wow! Anyways, to all these Frontline Workers of Father Muller Hospital I say “BIG THANK YOU!”- and for that matter, Father Muller Hospital Nurses are the BEST when it comes to caring and providing good service, by strictly following their institution motto “Heal & Comfort”!

The expectation of people over the Father Muller Charitable Institutions has been very high and the same was delivered during their previous vaccine drives. Many have appreciated the fact that a well-organized vaccination drive with comfort and speedy processing was like a check-in in an airport. Yes! The vaccine drive held at Father Muller in the Father Muller Convention Centre from 21 June 202 till 10 July 2021 saw nearly 10,000 people availing the offer. And this FREE Vaccination Drive which commenced on 17 January has already attracted a few hundred people- a very good response in spite of many already being vaccinated.

Once again after the previous vaccination drives held at FMCI, What a proud moment for the Mullerian family who toiled hard to master the process involved in hospitality, service and health care during the present vaccination drive. Led by its captain Fr Ajith B Menezes-the administrator and co-captain Dr Kishan Shetty-the Deputy Medical Superintendent, both at Father Muller Medical Hospital, the team has been successful in carrying out this vaccine drive at ease for all. Be it young or old, numerous praise and blessings have been received, thus motivating the vaccinators to help terminate COVID. After my vaccination, Fr Ajith Menezes sent me a message- “Finally God opened His Eyes for you to receive the First dose”. I replied back, “Why did God Close His eyes all this time. Was He Sleeping?”. “No, You were Sleeping all this time” got back Fr Ajith’s reply. Oh well- I gave up.

The Father Muller COVID-19 Vaccine Drive runs on the motto “Thank you for lending a hand to build a safer, healthier India”, together with the “Let’s Shield India” theme. Let’s get vaccinated and stop the pandemic as it heals. So Get VACCINATED at Father Muller Medical Hospital, Kankanady, Mangaluru- the SAFEST Place to get your Vaccination with No Fear and Worries!

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