IMA Issues Advisory on Impending COVID Outbreak! Will it Again Be Sombre Christmas & New Year

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IMA Issues Advisory on Impending COVID Outbreak! Will it Again Be Sombre Christmas & New Year

 Mangaluru: Oh No! With the fourth wave underway, the risk of catching the virus over the Christmas Season is high, as per experts. And is advisable how to protect others if you contract Covid-19 is, by and large, a personal responsibility as Christmas and New Year approaches. We have experienced, where the last two summer holiday periods have been overshadowed by the risk of sudden border closures or requirements to stay at home if you catch Covid-19. But how to protect others if you contract Covid-19 is now, by and large, a personal responsibility. With the fourth wave underway, the risk of catching the virus over the summer holiday period is high for many, and experts and Indian Medical Association are advising on what steps to take to protect your loved ones.

It is no longer mandatory to isolate if you contract Covid-19, but the public health recommendation is that you still do so. Especially in the first five days of infection, and even if your symptoms are mild, you still have a high risk of infecting others,” as per a lady physician. Asked if she thinks it would be safe to take precautions such as socialising outside, standing at a distance from people and wearing a mask, She said you should still stay at home if you test positive. “Staying away and catching up later is what I’d recommend,” she said. “No one wants to accidentally spread the virus and impact someone else’s holiday.” She also advises socialising outside rather than indoors and staying at a distance from people who are older or vulnerable, and she strongly recommends staying at home if you are experiencing cold symptoms, a headache or a fever. “Even if it isn’t Covid, it could be another infectious disease that nobody wants,” she says.

If you do attend a social event, She advises socialising outdoors, wearing an N95 mask and doing your best to keep your germs to yourself. “Don’t share drinks or sip an excellent-tasting cocktail if you’re offered, don’t nibble on a brownie and pass it to someone else, and don’t do midnight snogs (cuddling) on New Year’s Eve,” she said. If there are people at the social event who are vulnerable health-wise, she recommends staying at home even if the test is negative. Her advice could be worrying many here in Mangaluru, when there are many weddings with a large number of guests attending, whether to attend the wedding reception or not- and also other Christmas and New Year parties.

A communication from IMA sent to media, including states-” Given the sudden surge of COVID cases in different countries, the Indian Medical Association alerts and appeals to the public to follow COVID appropriate behaviour with immediate effect. As per the available reports. Nearly 5.37 lakh new cases have been reported in the last 24 hours from major countries like the USA, Japan, South Korea, France and Brazil. India has reported 145 new cases in the last 24 hours out of which four cases are the new China variant — BF.7.

With the robust infrastructure in the public as well as in the private sector, dedicated medical manpower, proactive leadership, support from the Government and availability of sufficient medicines and vaccines, India will be able to manage any eventualities as done in the past. Indian Medical Association appeals to the Government to upscale the preparedness for any such situation as seen in 2021 by issuing necessary instructions to the concerned Ministries and Departments to make available the emerge’, medicines, oxygen supply and ambulance services.

Indian Medical Association has issued an advisory to its state and local branches to take necessary preparatory steps in case of a COVID outbreak in their areas. IMA also appeals to all its members to work proactively as done in the past to combat the outbreak.

As of now, the situation is not alarming and therefore there is no need to panic. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, all are advised to take the following necessary steps to overcome the impending COVID outbreak:

1. Face masks are to be used in all public places.
2. Social distancing is to be maintained.
3. Regular hand washing with soap and water or sanitisers.
4. public gatherings like marriages, political or social meetings etc are to be avoided.
5. Avoid International travel.

6. Consult the doctor in case of any symptoms like fever, sore throat, Cough, loose motions etc.
7. Get your COVID vaccination including the precautionary dose at the earliest.
8. Follow the government advisory issued from time to time.

The Indian Medical Association with more than 3.5 lakhs medical practitioners across the county is committed to fighting the dreaded disease and assures the government of its full cooperation and Participation in all activities of preventive and curative measures.

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