Important Checklist while Travelling to Goa

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Important Checklist while Travelling to Goa

The Christmas festival is round the corner and a number of people are planning their trip to Goa for the festive season. But if you are coming from a different part of the country, you should take care of some important things while being in Goa.

Book Your Flight Fast:

If you are planning to spend your Christmas and New Year in Goa, you need to book your tickets pretty fast. This is the most crowded month in Goa and hence you should book your flight fast. If you are booking options such as Mumbai or Delhi to Goa flight, you should get non-stop options, if you have booked the flight early. But if you have delayed, you might either get the option of connecting flights or you may have to pay a high amount for the flights. Check deals and compare to get the best deals on your flight fare.

Book Your Hotels Fast:

If you are delaying in booking flight tickets, you may still get them at a higher cost. But if you delay booking your hotel, you might not get any room. This is because most of the hotels get packed up in this month of the year. So, if you wish to get your best accommodation, you need to hurry up and get your hotel bookings done much earlier.
You should go through the reviews well so that you can book the right hotel for your stay. Also, compare the tariff before you get the rooms booked to get the best deal.

Different Clothes for Day and Night:

You need to understand that if you are in Goa in December or January, you will experience different weather conditions at different times of the day. The sun might be quite shiny and warm during the daytime while the nights can get cold. Hence, you should carry clothes accordingly. Carry cotton and light clothes for the day time when you are enjoying the sun on the beach in the mornings. Also, carry warm clothes to keep you warm when the sun sets and the weather becomes cold.

Get Ready to Beat the Sun:

Goa is not just about the night parties, the seafood, and the shopping haul. It is also about soaking your skin in the sun while stretching yourself on the sandy beach. But when you are doing so, you have to make sure that you are keeping yourself protected from the harsh rays of the sun too. Make sure that you are carrying a good quality sunscreen so that you can apply it on your sun before getting your skin soaked in the sun rays while on the beach. Also, make sure to carry good quality sunglasses so that you can protect your eyes while you are roaming around during the day time.

Goa has always been a fun destination. For some, it is the place to party hard while for some, it is the place to relax and rejuvenate. Whatever is your motto, you should make sure to plan your trip well to have an enjoyable vacation here.

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