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Impossible to break Ramanagara district – Kumaraswamy to Shivakumar 

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Impossible to break Ramanagara district – Kumaraswamy to Shivakumar 

Bengaluru: The ongoing fight between JD(S) leader H.D. Kumaraswamy and DyCM D.K. Shivakumar over the merging of Kanakapura (currently in Ramanagara) with Bengaluru Urban district appears to be intensifying by the day.

Throwing a challenge at the Congress leader Shivakumar, he said, “Even if you take a new birth, u will not succeed in disintegrating Ramanagara district” asserted Kumaraswamy on Wednesday.

Reacting to Shivakumar questioning his senses and common knowledge over the row, Kumaraswamy stated that he won’t require the intelligence and sense of robbing the lands from the people, looting hills and minting money by foreign exports and to kill those who come in the way.

“Not only in this lifetime. D.K. Shivakumar must understand that even if he takes birth seven more times it is impossible to disintegrate Ramanagara district. The district had been formed after careful consideration of the convenience and inconveniences of the people. Now, if he claims that he can break the district and join Kanakapura taluk to Bengaluru, the people will resort to agitation,” he stated.

The DyCM alleged that Kumaraswamy issues loose statements but his thoughts are different. “What’s on his mind? Is it to loot and hand over the costly lands of Kanakapura to builders? Or to build a fortress on the benami lands in Kanakapura?

Several new districts were created in the state. Has the exercise been futile? They were created considering the interests of the people. There was no vested interest to create new districts. Whose interest is behind the plan to join Kanakapura to Bengaluru? Everyone in Kanakapura knows the truth. Won’t the existing prosperity suffice, how much more do you want? Kumaraswamy questioned.

“You (Shivakumar) are reminded of the development of Kanakapura now. Before 1983, how was Kanakapura and Sathanuru? When former PM H.D. Deve Gowda visited after making late former CM Ramakrishna Hegde a candidate, the situation was such that there was no power connection, there were no roads or UGD system.

“Deve Gowda then held PWD and Large Irrigation ministries uplifted Kanakapura and Ramanagara regions. I have continued his work. What is your contribution, Shivakumar? Only to fence the lands of the poor and murder those who came in between, looting granite boulders, and pursuing goondagiri. Now, you want to join Kanakapura to Bengaluru and build a mafia. Is that on your mind?” Kumaraswamy charged.

He further stated that Shivakumar does not have the moral right to take the names of great persons who were born in the Ramanagara district.

“You have turned that land into a sinful real estate ground. DyCM Shivakumar, while attending a religious function at Kanakapura on Tuesday, stated that the city of Kanakapura will join Bengaluru and appealed to the people not to sell their lands to people from Bengaluru.

“The people of Kanakapura do not belong to Ramanagara district. They are from the Bengaluru district and it must not be forgotten. All villages will be part of Bengaluru one or the other day. Mark my words. Also, I can’t discuss making Kanakapura a separate district as well,” he maintained.

“I can’t deposit money or construct houses for everyone here. God has given me the power to increase your prices of property by ten times. The position of DyCM is confined to Bengaluru. I won’t hesitate to deliver when it comes to my place. This is the reason I chose to come here despite the important programme in Mysuru,” Shivakumar stated.

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