In Wake of Death of Young Couple in Accident, NHAI Blocks Right Turn for Vehicles towards Ullal

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In Wake of Death of Young Couple in Accident, NHAI Blocks Right Turn for Vehicles towards Ullal

  • In Wake of Death of Young Couple in Accident, National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) HAI Blocks Right Turn to Ullal near Thokkottu Flyover for traffic entering from Service Road, coming Mangaluru towards Kerala

Mangaluru: The National Highway Roads To Hell-and that’s for sure. For the recent tragic accident where a young newly married couple, Ryan and his wife, Priya Fernandes, who died in that freak accident when a heavy truck ran over their bike, on 27 October 2020, and the blame should be put on NHAI Officials and their unscientific NH. Following the accident, the very next day Police Commissioner Vikash Kumar Vikash had visited the accident spot, and discussed the issue with NAHI officials and Navayug Company officials, and instructed them to take quick action so that no more lives of motorists and people are lost due to such unplanned NH roads.

Following the reports by Team Mangalorean about the death of the young couple (Ref: Newly-wed couple Die in Tragic Road Accident at Thokkottu), and also an awareness article on how dangerous the Indian National Highways are (Ref: The NH Roads To Hell! Blame NHAI Officials for Death of Newly Wedded Couple in Accident), and after pressure from the people and also from the direction of Police Commissioner about the safety concern s of the NH road near Thokkottu Flyover, the NHAI officials have now blocked the road near the Flyover, where the motorists can’t make a right turn to go towards Ullal like they used do earlier- instead at present they will have to go a little further from this Thokkottu Flyover junction and make a U-Turn, in order to take the Ullal road. This plan of action should have been taken long back by the NHAI officials, after nearly 7-8 deadly accidents had taken place at the same spot during the past couple of years, but as always our lovely NHAI officials turn a blind eye to the safety of the motorists.

Thokkottu Flyover Junction BEFORE…..

No doubt at all that the Indian NH/roads are undoubtedly the most dangerous in the world, and we have a bunch of them right here in Dakshina Kannada and Mangaluru. which pose danger to motorists, resulting in accidents leading to deaths or injuries. Apart from the spot in which the newly married couple died near Thokkottu flyover, while the bike rider was making a turn, similar such accident-prone spots are there at many other places, like the one in front of Padua High School, among others. And in spite of many accidents taking place at those spots, nothing has been done by the concerned officials.

Thokkottu Flyover Junction at PRESENT….

To make any changes, the officials wait for a severe accident to take place, or wake up to take action only when people die, just like this example of the newly wedded couple losing their lives because of the carelessness and unscientific plans in planning a road. Roads are considered a sign of development bringing colossal benefits to a community as a socioeconomic and logistic facilitator. Yet, the growth of road networks has brought road crashes leading to civic pain from premature deaths of productive age groups. The authorities of Indian roadways should have made roads safer for all citizens because a large percentage of the population – children, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and the elderly – are most vulnerable. But unfortunately, that has not been done, thus we are seeing all these accidents, with many young and old lives lost.

Vehicles have to make U-Turn and come back to go towards Ullal

The problem here in India, no one cares for the lives of the motorists, especially the engineers and contractors who are at the helm of constructing these roads. If such unscientific roads were designed in Gulf or Western countries, the NHAI would have been sued and the officials fired from jobs. But here it’s like Chalta hai and who cares? In order to match the standards of foreign roads, probably we may need another 500 years or so? But as they say “Better Late Than Never”, after the accident that took place near Thokkottu Flyover, now the NHAI officials have blocked the right turn from the service road, for motorists going towards Ullal and other areas on that stretch.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Traffic Police Inspector Gurudutt Kamath, who was present when NHAI erected boulders/barricades to block the entry said, “It’s sad to note that a young newly married couple lost their lives because of the unscientific NH road. This plan of action should have been taken long back by the NHAI authorities after a few accidents had taken place at this spot in the past years. I am trying to work out plans for the safety of the motorists by implementing safety measures on a trial basis, and if successful, would discuss with the police commissioner to stick to the plans permanently. We have decided to allow motorists coming from Mangaluru and going towards Ullal, to make a right turn at Thokkottu flyover Underbridge, and then make a left-turn on the service road, and then proceed towards Ullal- therefore the service road will be a two-way road for the time being until proper plans are finalized”.

“Also motorists and citizens should not blame the police all the time. Motorists are also responsible for their behaviour, by not following the traffic rules, even after many of them being warned for violations. We see motorists driving rash, two-wheelers speeding, not wearing helmets, moving in wrong directions, entering no-entry zones, etc etc- which puts their lives in jeopardy. Only if the motorists had followed and obeyed the traffic rules strictly, there would have been fewer accidents and fatalities. The police department has discussed with NHAI authorities to make suitable changes, for the safety of people on NH, so that no more lives are lost,” added PI Guruduth Kamath.

Apart from this deadly junction near Thokkottu Flyover, there are other safety issues while travelling on the NH – like there are chances that motorists entering from service roads onto the NH, may also get hit by the speeding traffic moving on the NH. Also erecting barricades in order to control the speed, is a dumb idea, which could result in accident or fatality. When speeding vehicles, especially pass through these barricades, chances are smaller vehicles, including two-wheelers, may get squashed in between. I guess, probably the NHAI and Police are waiting for a BIG accident to take place before they decide to remove these stupid barricades? Installing barricades don’t make any sense, and with no warning signs or reflectors on these barricades, motorists’ lives are at RISK.

Vehicles Entering Onto National Highway from Service Road is Dangerous & Accident-Prone

Now that the NHAI has blocked the right turn going towards Ullal, let’s hope it would save lives, until some politician or influential entrepreneur may come up with an objection for their benefits- the blockade could be removed. Such kinds of things have happened in the past and will continue in future too. Now that the safety situation is rectified near Thokkottu flyover, the NHAI officials and Police should come up with safety plans near the traffic turns on NH in front of Padua High School, Mangaluru. Are the NHAI officials and Mangaluru Traffic police waiting for a major accident to happen just like the recent Thokkuttu incident, to take preventive measures near this Padua NH spot?

Barricades Erected on NH to Control the Speed are also Dangerous and Accident-Prone!

Maxim Moras, being a Good Samaritan and a “Covid Warrior’ is doing a bit for the society, by controlling the traffic near NH junction in front of Padua School, as a Traffic Warden volunteering for Mangaluru Traffic and whatever other help he can do, speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “This NH spot near Padua Junction is a dangerous spot, where I have seen motorists barely missing getting into major accidents and losing lives. Even though I am very careful while handling my duties, many times reckless drivers and riders make me nervous, and also fear for my life. Until a few days ago, there were a couple of barricades, which helped me as a protective shield from moving traffic, unfortunately, the barricades have been missing at the moment-thereby putting my life at risk. Anyways, I will carry on with my service, until someone realizes my present situation controlling the heavy traffic, and putting my life in jeopardy for others”.

And with this accident which took away the lives of two young souls, I hope the concerned officials of NHAI would wake up from their long nap and come up with safety measures in making our National Highway safer for motorists and also pedestrians so that no more lives are lost due to unscientific NH roads The NHAI should do improvement regarding engineering aspects of the road and allied infrastructure. Safety measures on service roads should also be improved. Are the NHAI Officials listening-I hope so?

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  1. The whole stretch of all highways between Kundapur and Mangalore are most dangerous to drive on – there are metal barriers kept without any hazard lights or warning boards on every town it touches, and the intersections to every town have no underpasses or overpasses for traffic to enter or exit every town – (except for Kaup and Udupi), without being exposed to hazards of being knocked over by drunk drivers or inattentive drivers or sleeping drivers,

    Our Highway Designers, Approvers, Ministers, Transport Dept. Top officials, and as well as the Contractors should be sent to USA or UK to look, ride, and experience the smoothness of driving, entering, exiting, stopping, and for fuelling, eating, and resting – without any technical risk – except the risk of DUI drivers.

    The drunk driver who ran over the couple – must be hung to death for causing the death of two young people, and the company he worked for, made to pay blood money. This alone will deter other irresponsible psychos on the roads from causing any harm to other users of these dangerous highways of Karnataka.

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