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Incha Annd Yencha? Because of MCC Carelessness!

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Incha Annd Yencha? Because of MCC Carelessness!

Ashe Zale Kashe? Incha Annd Yencha? How Did It Happen? It’s Due to Carelessness of Mangaluru City Corporation! It’s still a mess out there due to the digging work done by Mescom without MCC approval- and now that Mescom has finished the job, but till now has not restored the footpaths/streets to its original condition.

Mangaluru: One thing for sure, that you’ll all agree with me is that-Digging of roads/streets/bye-lanes/footpaths will never stop in Mangaluru no matter what- and we have seen it in the past and will see it in future too. Mescom, Telephone Co’s,  building owners etc- they all dig the roads/streets, footpaths without prior permission from Mangaluru City Corporation. And now they are digging on the new concrete road near Jimmy’s Super Market, on the way to Nanthoor. There is no end to this- and once they dig, and after their work is done, they leave the dug up area in a shabby condition. And no action is taken against them, either by the MCC or District Administration.

Here we are taking about Mangaluru Electricity Supply Company (MESCOM) which during the past few weeks had dug the whole stretch of City street from Karavali Circle (Kankanady Pumpwell) till Hamilton Circle to install new 33-KV power cable-this initiative has been taken up by Mescom due to frequent disruptions in power supply due to bad weather, falling of tree branches, and other reasons. Now that the digging work has been done, and cables already been laid- but the dug up locations have been left without restoring it back to its original condition. It’s a mess already out there, and traffic and pedestrians are facing the brunt of it.

Ashe Zale Kashe? Incha Annd Yencha? How Did It Happen? It’s Due to Carelessness of Mangaluru City Corporation! But what’s funny is that, MCC officials including the Mayor woke up only after 75% of the digging work was done, just to find out that many streets/footpaths at various spots in the City had been dug by Mescom workers for laying electric cables without MCC’s approval. But many would ask, why a reputed company like Mescom would carry on the digging work without getting permission from MCC- and that too now done illegally. One would also ask when thousands of citizens have noticed this digging work taking place well before MCC officials finally noticed it (and even Team Mangalorean had published an report on this issue titled “Digging never stops in Mangaluru- Now It’s Mescom’s Turn” dated 8 March 2017), how come MCC officials had not seen it).

Few weeks ago, Mayor Kavitha Sanil said that she came to know about all this digging when she took a ride with MCC Council Chief Whip Sashidhar Hegde, and noticed all the mess left behind at the dug up locations.  MCC officials should have noticed this long before when the digging was just started, and not wake up from their sleep to take action when most of the digging is done. As they say “Better late than never”- even though the Mayor has taken stern action against Mescom in order to rectify the problems by slapping them with Rs 59 lakhs as digging fee, besides restoring the structure with interlock tiles as existed earlier, but it seems like Mescom is taking its own slow time. It’s still a mess out there, with mud and interlock tiles scattered all over the street and footpath. What a lovely MCC do we have?

When Mescom took up the digging work to lay the cables, they had their contract laborers work day and night to get their work done- and now that the work is completed they are taking it easy to restore the dug up area back to its original condition. You hardly see any laborers working at night to fix the broken footpaths/streets. It is learnt that MCC is also taking it easy on Mescom on this issue, because the latter always cooperates with MCC when it comes to bill payment of MCC power charges (giving grace time on payment due date). But in the meantime, it’s the commuters who are facing the inconveniences due to all this messy dug up areas.

So, until the footpaths/streets are restored to their original condition, pedestrians have to bear with all these inconveniences and also there would be traffic snarls which will be an added nightmare. But one thing for sure, even though MCC has issued a notice to Mescom, trust me, it will be a long way before these footpaths/streets are fully restored to the original condition- and that has been the situation in the past and will also be in future too? After all it’s the same old-“Namma Kudla”?

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