Indian woman jailed in Dubai for stabbing lover’s wife with fruit knife

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Indian woman jailed in Dubai for stabbing lover’s wife with fruit knife

Dubai: A 38-year-old Indian woman has been jailed for two years in Dubai, and she faces deportation for attacking her lover’s wife with a fruit knife, a media report said.

A Dubai Criminal Court heard that the attack happened after the woman went to tell the wife about her 15-year affair with the husband, The National newspaper reported on Thursday.

According to court records, the woman went to the man’s apartment in Al Qusais on October 26 last year, where she met his wife at the door.

She hugged the victim, and in the process, stabbed her twice in the back, leaving 4 cm deep wounds, medical records showed.

The husband, also an Indian, rushed to help his wife and managed to remove the knife from the woman’s hand, while the daughter called the Dubai Police.

The wife was taken to the hospital for treatment. “I called him two hours before the incident and said that I will come to meet his family and tell them about our affair. He asked me not to come and closed the phone,” the woman said in a statement.

She said she did not intend to stab the victim but wanted to scare her, The National reported, adding that the police found more knives in the woman’s bag.

“He brought me to Dubai in 2019 and we had an affair in a rented apartment in Sharjah,” official records said, citing the woman.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced the woman to two years in jail for attempted murder followed by deportation.

In addition, it also ordered the woman to pay compensation of Dh51,000 but the victim’s lawyer said he will be filing a civil case to seek a larger amount.

The case has been transferred to the Dubai Court of Appeal, and the first hearing will be held on July 26.

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