Individually We Serve, Together We Grow! Student Council of St Aloysius PUC Inaugurated

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Individually We Serve, Together We Grow! Student Council of St Aloysius PUC Inaugurated

Mangaluru: Serving as a President of the Students’ Council in a college is a privilege and honour bestowed upon you by fellow college mates. When you are selected, your buddies have recognized your leadership skills and potential to manage the Council effectively. Your tenure will offer many opportunities to learn new skills, enhance the experience of others and grow as a leader. By taking advantage of the many opportunities to learn and grow, your term can have personal and professional development benefits that will last a lifetime. All of the members of your Student Council are part of your team, and it is the President’s responsibility to guide members toward reaching the Council’s goals.

Having goals and making plans to achieve them are two key steps to being successful. Every Council member has his/her important role to fill, and by working together, your Council will be able to meet its full potential and serve a vital role in your College, maybe even, the community. To accommodate these facts, there is a great deal of latitude in how you choose to manage your Council as long as you follow the basic Council rules/standards. In today’s rapidly changing world, individuals must blend their family demands, work commitments and volunteer work. While the responsibilities of an individual association president/chairman may be demanding, he/she can share challenges, ideas and perspectives with fellow members.

They say that Change in leadership is always good and better, and it was time for a change in the Students’ Council at St Aloysius Pre-University College, Mangaluru- and the inauguration of the 2023-24 Students’ Council took place on 30 June 2023 at the Loyola Hall at 3 pm. Walking down the aisle were the leaders of this academic year, upholding the college flag. Signifying the college motto, “Lucet et Ardet”, which means Shine to Enkindle. The college flag flies in the sunshine and the rain. Let the flag empower the youth through excellence in education to shape a better future for humankind.

The programme began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song rendered by the college choir, followed by a welcome dance by the damsels and boys of the college. Dance was the hidden language of the soul. It was language beyond words, and today it is a way to express a warm welcome. The dignitaries for the occasion were Chief Guest-Ganesh Kamath-the President of Kanara Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mangaluru, joined by Rector of St Aloysius Institutions Fr Melwin Pinto SJ; Principal of the College Fr Clifford Sequeira SJ, our Finance Officer Fr Pradeep Sequeira SJ; Campus Minister Fr Anthony Derrick SJ, the Vice Principals Muralikrishna G M and Ms Vilma Fernandes, and the Deans, Dr Pradeep M and Ms Kiran Shetty, along with Ms Amita Shetty, the student council Director.

The programme was inaugurated by the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries on the dais. The welcome address was delivered by Fr Clifford Sequeira SJ-the Principal of St Aloysius PU College. “Leadership is a practical skill that encompasses the ability of an individual. Leadership is a matter of intelligence, trustworthiness, courage and discipline. Reliance on intelligence alone results in rebelliousness. Exercise of humaneness alone results in weakness. Fixation of trust results in folly. Dependence on the strength of courage results in violence. Excessive discipline and sternness in command result in cruelty. When one has all five virtues together, each appropriate to its function, then one can be a perfect leader”.-The newly appointed council members were:

The college President: Nikhil K; Vice President: Mohd Rehaan Bawa; Secretary: Manya Dechamma M M; Joint Secretary: Harsh A Sharma; Cultural Secretary (Sci): is Jewel Isabella Cutinha; Cultural Secretary (Com and Arts): is Nishchal Gangadhar Naiga; Sports Secretary (Boys): Sanketh B Chowta; Sports Secretary (Girls): Threya B V. Being a leader is a Noble endeavour, and with leadership comes great responsibilities and to accomplish these responsibilities we need to promise our loyalty, dedication and determination towards this esteemed institution. The custom of Oath Taking signifies the solemn promise of an individual to perform his/her duties to the fullest. Principal Fr Clifford Sequeira SJ administered the oath to the council members.

The council members were adorned with sashes and badges by chief guest M Ganesh Kamath and the Rector Fr Melwin Pinto SJ, following which the College anthem was sung by the College Choir. The college has three extended services which uplift and mould the students to make them men and women for and with others. The leaders of these centres were felicitated by the chief guest and Rector – They were, The President of the Centre for social concern: Fasahath Kulsum; The President of the Centre for environmental concern: Nikhil Chris Thomas and The President of the Centre for inter-religious harmony: Ms Rithika. True leadership lies in guiding others to success and in ensuring that everyone is performing to the best of their abilities. The new college president Nikhil K expressed his thoughts in his presidential address.

Addressing the audience Chief Guest Ganesh Kamath said, “Glad to be here as the Chief Guest being an alumnus of this institution. Rector and I were on this college campus during the years of my academic career. I have spent 15 years in St Aloysius Institutions, and what I am now is all because of the guidance and blessings of the Jesuit priests and my tutors. College Student Council elections were different from now- during those years, after the president was elected he was taken in an open jeep from the College and made a U-turn near St Agnes College to please the college girls. We never had mobile phones, internet etc then, but we had lots of fun. Time has changed now”.

“All of you are leaders now, and you will be responsible for your respective posts. Do something different, Unique and innovative and make a difference in the college and society. You are the future leaders of the nation. Get your targets right, and do good in your academics too. Be a role model to others, and also a helping hand to others. Time management is also needed. you are now the brand ambassadors of the College. While India is emerging as a fast-growing nation, you are the future leaders and pillars of the nation. Try for start-Ups which have better prospects. Come out of your comfort zones. Make the best use of the opportunities now, since you will never get a second chance. Achieve your goals and success. Best of luck”, added Kamath.

Speaking on the occasion, Rector Fr Melwin Pinto SJ said, “Even though during our college elections, after the elected president is taken in an open jeep via St Agnes College to attract and get the attention of the magnesian since there was no co-education then at St Aloysius College, however, now we are attracting and admitting girls into our college being a co-ed college. Being on the council is not a privilege, but a responsibility. Your service to the institution and community is needed. You also need to build up networking to come up in life. As a leader, you can do great things- Be a true Leader, Be a role model to others. You all have a good future, and for that, you need to make the best use of your college life and gain all the knowledge and experience to be a good leader. Be a change in your society, be a change in your college. Motivate others, and counsel your college mates if they need help. We should believe in servant leadership because it resonates with mind and spirit and because it works”.

The role of a leader comes with a great understanding of equality, responsibility, endurance, empathy and commitment. To complete these qualities of a genuine leader, the students performed a thematic dance with the theme- “Individually We Serve, Together We Grow”. The programme was meticulously and eloquently compered by Ms Niha Fahim Noor, a newcomer as a faculty in Chemistry at St Aloysius PUC.

The energy, faith, devotion, the commitment which you bring to this endeavour will light your institution and all who serve it… and the glow from that light can truly light this nation. Best of luck from Team Mangalorean to the Students Council 2023-24 of St Aloysius Pre-University College.

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