Infant Jesus Church Bantwal Varado Celebrates International Women’s Day

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Infant Jesus Church Bantwal Varado Celebrates International Women’s Day

Mangaluru: Infant Jesus Church Bantwal in association with the Women’s Organization of Bantwal Varado celebrated International Women’s Da, at the Anugraha Hall, Bantwal here on March 26.

The programme began with an invocation. President of Bantwal Varado, Anitha Noronha welcomed the gathering. Secretary of Bantwal Varado Shanthi Fernandes read out the annual report.

The programme was inaugurated by Former President of DCCW Terry Pais along with DCCW PRO Violet Pereira, Director for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Marjorie Aranha, Gynaecologist Dr Jessy, Beautician Flany D’Souza, President Anitha Noronha and secretary Shanthi Fernandes by lighting the traditional lamp.

Addressing the gathering Terry Pais said, “Every year in March, we celebrate International Women’s day and attend Women’s day programmes throughout the month. But from April, we will forget Women’s day. We always think of our family, our husband and children, but never think about ourselves first. So today, I urge all the beautiful ladies who have gathered here to take care of themselves first. Think of your health because, if you are healthy, you can keep your family healthy. Whenever you feel low, keep yourself smiling to lift your spirit. A smile gives a lot of health benefits like reducing blood pressure and making you and others around you feel happy. I thank the president for inviting me to the Women’s Day celebrations”.

Addressing the gathering Dr Jessy said, “Women have physical, mental, social and spiritual health. When we are sick, we take home remedies, but even when our children get cold, we run to the doctor for treatment. Women are the backbone of the family, when the woman in the house is strong, the family will prosper. If a woman in the family dies, the family faces a lot of problems. Women keep the family united. Most men don’t have the patience, when they bring their wives to the clinic, they say that their wives are acting. I tell such men to tie two pillows to their stomach and keep it for 48 hours to know the difficulties pregnant women face during pregnancy”.

Dr Jessy further said, “Women have tolerance, patience and dedication towards their family. A woman should be strong in her mind and spirit so that she can move the mountains. When the woman manages the house, she saves money but men always say that they don’t have money. Sometimes women serve everything to their family members and eat whatever is left. Women should think of their own well-being, plan for old age, and not expect anything from their children. So live your life to the fullest. I wish all the beautiful women here a very happy International Women’s Day”.

Addressing the gathering Marjorie Aranha Texeira said, “Last year I was here and had advised all of you to reduce watching TV and start your own business. How many of you have started your own business? I have trained women to do their businesses such as Jasmine growing, honey bee farming, beautician, tailoring or small-scale catering because if you have your savings you can spend as you want. You need not depend on your husband or children. Enjoy your life, but try to stand on your own feet. Next year I want to see many entrepreneurs”.

Beautician Flany D’Souza gave beauty tips to the women. A cultural programme was presented by Bellur, Modankaup, Perla, Kuppepadavu and Thodambail Units. A Konkani stage play, ‘Boro Samariyagar’, was enacted by Thodambail Unit.

Sylvia Fernandes delivered the vote of thanks. Matilda D’Costa compered the programme.

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  1. Well done Batwal. Happy to see Dr Jessy, Madam Texera. Leaders in their own way .Sharing is caring

    I did attend a progam of mental health for ladies at Mura, Chaitanya Mahila Mandali with the support of St Aloysius ,Hegde college yesterday.
    The initiation by Cynthi of Jeeva Nidhi Trust Bajpe.
    Congratulations.steps in the right direction.
    Rtn PHF Robert Franklin Rego Bajpe.AAP.

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