‘Insights into Colonial Goa’ Book by Philomena and Gilbert Lawrence on Kindle and Amazon….

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‘Insights into Colonial Goa’ Book by Philomena and Gilbert Lawrence on Kindle and Amazon….

‘Insights into Colonial Goa’ Book by Philomena and Gilbert Lawrence on Kindle and Amazon as e-book and paperback

Mangaluru: We just finished writing a book “Insights into Colonial Goa” which is published by Kindle / Amazon in e-print and paperback. We hope you like the book and find the topics useful. The following is the index of the contents.

Goa – Gem along the west coast of India.
Vasco da Gama – Hero or Villain? (1450-1509)
Albuquerque Secures toeholds in Asia.
Shakespearean Tragedy (1509-1515)
Pioneers consolidating Ownership and
Displacing Natives. (1510-1570)
European Settlers in Goa.
White Landownership. (1550-1800)
Economy of Colonial Goa. (1515-1800)
Religious Pioneers and Their Contribution
Inquisition in Colonial Goa. Geo-politics and Survival.
Why was the Inquisition introduced to Goa? (1560-1820)

We would also appreciate your feedback after you read the book.
Yours sincerely,
Philomena and Gilbert Lawrence

“I’ll begin by revealing that I’m an American. I’ve been to the British Isle but never to India. After reading “Insights into Colonial Goa” by Philomena and Gilbert Lawrence, I’d like to travel to India and visit Goa. Starting with the detailed description of the land and people (Goans), to the rich history of the country, it sounds like a place I’d enjoy visiting. The book brought back memories of elementary school when I first learned of Vasco da Gama, who led multiple voyages to what is now Goa. This well-written book was filled with history, but because of the way it was written, it didn’t read like a text book. While it was packed with detailed information, it was an easy read because it was filled with descriptive stories, action and suspense related to voyages to, and the settlement of Colonial Goa. I had forgotten that history could be both educational and fun to read. See you in Goa”- is a feedback from Fred Ashforth- the Author of “The Speaking Connection: How to connect with every audience and become a successful speaker”.

About the Authors of “Insights into Colonial Goa” :

Philomena (nee Pereira) is a granddaughter of Sangolda and Aldona. She graduated from St. Anne’s High School in Bombay/ Mumbai. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Bombay, she taught at St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy and Greenlawns High School, both in Bombay. She is a freelance journalist and her articles about inspiring, creative, and community-minded people have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines across the USA.

Gilbert is a grandson of Aldona and Guirdolim. He attended St. Thomas School in Aldona and Loyola High School in Margao, Goa. He passed the SSC exams in 1961, completed pre-medical courses at St. Xavier’s College, Bombay, and received his Medical Doctor’s degree from G.S. Medical College in Bombay. In 1972, he received his Master of Surgery degree from K.E.M. Hospital and Tata Memorial Hospital. Gilbert proceeded to England in 1973 to study radiation oncology. At the F.R.C.R. (Fellowship of Royal College of Radiology) examination held in London, he was considered an outstanding student and was awarded the prestigious Rohan Williams medal — the first non-British student to receive this prize.

Gilbert and his wife, Philomena, immigrated to the U.S. in 1977. Since then, he has been in clinical and academic practice and has had more than 70 medical/research papers published in various national and international cancer and radiation therapy journals.

The e-book is also available in India. Click  available to buy on Amazon

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