Instead of Asking What Congress has Done in 70 Years, Reveal your Achievements in 9 years – Kharge

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Instead of Asking What Congress has Done in 70 Years, Reveal your Achievements in 9 years – Kharge to BJP

Mangaluru: “If you see the present situation, Democracy in the Country is in danger. This election is very important to protect the democracy of the country. We all should start working towards protecting democracy and our constitution. In Karnataka, any work is not possible without bribes. Karnataka was once popular for development and investment but now we are losing everything. Any work of those giving 40% commission, will be done without any hassles. The Contractors Association, small contractors, aided colleges and schools have written to the Governor of Karnataka and the PM saying that without paying commission, they cannot have any of their work done. We have such a corrupt government in Karnataka, people should now put an end to it. Modi always says, ‘Na Khaunga, Na Khane Dunga’ but supports corrupt people. The double engine government means Karnataka 40% and central government 40% so, the double engine means 80%”, said Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge during a press meet held at Hotel Taj Vivanta here on April 25.

Addressing the media persons Kharge said, “In Karnataka, we have 25 lakh youth, who are unemployed. The government has not taken any measures to provide them with jobs. Likewise, in the country, we have 3 crore educated youth who are unemployed. Existing vacancies are also not filled. If anyone from the other party does something wrong, Modiji reacts immediately but when there is corruption happening under his nose, he closes his eyes. In 9 years in Mangaluru and Karnataka, what is the investment by BJP? People of Karnataka pay the highest GST but we don’t get 10% of it. At least if we get funds for investment, we can create employment and the youth will get jobs. The BJP government is not bothered about it”.

Kharge further said, “Karnataka state is popular for Industry, during the Congress tenure we have developed the ports, airports, National Highway, NMPT, NITK, Kudremukh Iron Ore and MRPL but the BJP has the habit of asking what has the Congress done in 70 years. They have forgotten the tenure of Vajapayee’s 6 years, 3 years of Morarji Desai, and 1 year of Deve Gowda, Vishwanath and Gujral. Before questioning the achievements, Modi should refer to history. Before independence, literacy in India was only 16% which has now increased to 70%. We brought the green and white revolution but still, Modi is asking what Congress did for 70 years. Now you tell us what has the BJP done in 9 years? What has the Double Engine government done? Have they produced any engines? BJP is always referred to as a double-engine government in which, one engine is already derailed with 40%. If a single engine is 40% then the double engine is 80%. The BJP always fools the people with lies. They should tell the people about their achievements in 9 years and their contribution to Dakshina Kannada. When I was the railway minister, we released 37 new rails including Varanasi, Vaishnavi, Chikkmagaluru, Kadur, Hyderabad, Tilak terminal, and Hospet. In one year we completed the railway track and started 37 new trains, which the BJP government is not giving credit to”.

When asked about Nalin Kumar saying that Congress is asking for support from other parties, Kharge said, “When they show one finger at others, the other four fingers point them. We ask for 150 seats because if we have a small margin BJP will buy the MLAs and form the government. To form a stable government we need a full majority and with the full majority, development is possible. So we request the people to vote for Congress. In a democracy, there are more thieves, which we have seen it in Goa, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, and Uttar Khand, BJP purchased the MLAs and formed the government. So to avoid such a situation, we request the people to elect Congress with a full majority”.

When asked why you think that democracy is in danger, Kharge said, “The BJP is using ED, CBI and other government organizations to threaten leaders of other parties. BJP is contesting the elections on money power. Even the Journalists are not spared. Ask your conscience whether you will survive if you highlight the wrongdoings of the BJP. If any channel highlights the wrongdoings of the BJP will that channel is safe? Ask yourself”, he questioned.

MLC Manjunath Bhandary, District Congress President Harish Kumar, Congress Candidates J R Lobo, Ramanath Rai, U T Khader, former MLC Ivan D’Souza, AICC Spokesperson Charan Singh Sapra, MLC Dr Shama Mohammed and Pranav Jha were also present.

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