J S Associates at the Helm of Housing Projects, Project Finance and HR Solutions

Team Mangalorean

Mangalore: J S Associates, a new business owned by two partners, Satish Shetty and Dr Jayasimha Shetty, which handles Housing Projects, Project Finance and HR Solutions was inaugurated on Sunday, March 17, 2013 by Vasanthi L Shetty (Elder sister of Late Ramha Satish Shetty) and Dr Sheela Shetty (wife of Dr Jayasimha Shetty) – the office is located on the 2nd Floor, Legacy Complex, Bendorewell, Mangalore.

Satish Shetty, who had been working in Abu Dhabi for nearly 19 years decided that he should open a business of his own after he came down to Mangalore for good. And Dr Jayasimha Shetty, who was in government services also decided to have a business of his own in a different field. So both Satish and Dr Jayasimha decided to start a new venture that would deal with housing projects, project finance and HR solutions, and named it J S Associates.

Although J S Associates is new, but the owners and their office associates are experienced professionals who have established expertise in various facets of housing projects. They are able to efficiently bring to bear their experience to address client assignments that require a broad base of knowledge. They are able to offer a range of options or best practice advice in resolving housing issues or policy challenges. Because of their respective experience areas, the clients will benefit by receiving good ideas and proper assistance from them.
Let?s be honest, we all know how difficult it is to get a home loan. But at J S Associates, they make sure even your most challenging dream becomes a reality. That’s why, they can offer you the most hassle-free home loans to fulfill your dreams. Today, when most banks accept a loan application only after scrutinizing the applicant’s personal history, J S Associates, on the other hand don’t differentiate between dreams. And, with their easy flexible and quick procedures, you don’t have to sweat over filing lots of documents either. After all, dreams cannot be restricted to mere papers. Take a step towards your dream – Call J S Associates and one of their representative will get in touch with you. They also arrange personal loans too.

India as a market is now giving good returns and the economy is also booming so many NRI?s are planning to acquire or sell their immovable property. J S associates can? assist NRI?s to do the due diligence by ascertaining the accuracy of the property records, track the status of the dealings and help them in financial transactions. If you are an NRI planning to return to India or you are already settled here and exploring business avenues J S Associates is the right place to serve all your needs. They will provide high quality solutions to NRI?s addressing their concerns pertaining to business and investment. Their team consists of NRI?s associates with varied backgrounds who understand issues of NRI with their own experience over a considerable period of time abroad.

J S Associates can offer practical and implementable solutions to clients for varied opportunities exploration. They can assist NRI?s who have returned to Indian shores to set up business to take advantage of its potential and population. Be it exploring franchising opportunities or becoming authorised distributor for well known brands or setting up customer/backed support or online business they are here to support you. They are also experienced in event management, where NRI’s can avail their service in organizing a event or a function. Taking extreme care of the NRI’s is their motto.

J S Associates are also into recruitment and placement of jobs abroad for professional clients – and for that they are teaming up with a reputed firm in Bombay. They only select qualified professionals and will find them a suitable job abroad. They can also provide the finest training services , but at the same time their rates are extremely competitive. J S Associates believe in building long-term relationships with their clients and are looking forward to have satisfied clienteles list.

J S Associates already have undertaken a big housing project named ” Gurupriya Iris” promoted by Gurupriya Housing Pvt Ltd, a company based in Bangalore which has over two decades of experience and has 25 projects to its credit. All of their projects are aesthetic edifices which have been completed within stipulated time adhering to strict quality guidelines. And ” Gurupriya Iris” a name inspired by one of the most beautiful flowers, they will offer you just that. So start your day with thoughts, as beautiful as nature – Explore the Tranquility. For more details on ” Gurupriya Iris” contact J S Associates.

Room # 6, 2nd Floor
Legacy Complex

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