Jet Airways makes travel arrangements for its Brussels passengers

New Delhi, March 23 (IANS) Jet Airways on Wednesday said that it has made alternate travel arrangements to transfer its stranded passengers in Brussels.

“All the airline’s guests will travel today to Amsterdam in 15 buses and will be accommodated there in hotels tonight,” the airline said in a statement.

“The Brussels airport continues to be closed for operations and is out of bounds for passengers following the unfortunate events of yesterday (March 22).”

The airline said that its aircraft will fly from Brussels to Amsterdam, as ferry flights.

“Guests will board the Jet Airways aircraft at Amsterdam airport for onward travel to Delhi, Mumbai and Toronto. Alternate arrangements are being made for guests travelling to Newark,” the statement said.

“Jet Airways is working closely with the Belgian authorities and the Indian Embassy to facilitate an early transit for its guest and crew from Brussels.”

Earlier, the airline had said that it has made travel arrangements for the family members of its injured crew in Brussels to travel there.

Two members of the airlines staff were injured in the bomb blasts that rocked Brussels’ Zaventem airport on Tuesday morning.

According to the airline, the injured crew are safe in hospital.

“Our staff in Brussels is co-ordinating with the local authorities and hospitals to ensure that all the required medical care is provided to them,” the airline had said.

“Jet Airways continues to closely monitor the situation in Brussels. The airline’s emergency response centre in Mumbai and the local incident control centre in Brussels are working round-the-clock to provide all possible support to our staff and guests.”

The airline has deployed its teams from India and continental Europe to help in the co-ordination efforts.

Currently, Jet Airways operates daily non-stop flights to its European gateway at Brussels airport from its domestic hubs in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Jet Airways has cancelled several of its flights to, from and via Brussels.