Kadri Kaibattalu Pond & Jogimath Pond to Get An Extreme-Makeover by MUDA

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Kadri Kaibattalu Pond & Jogimath Pond to Get An Extreme-Makeover by MUDA

Mangaluru: Once a beautiful and clean pond nearly 13 years ago-the Kadri Kaibattalu Pond near Water Woods aka Doctors Colony has now turned filthy, muddy and polluted filled with silt, waste etc-thanks to the upcoming mega 34-floor apartment nearby which has polluted this pond. Similar has been the case of Jogimath Pond located near to this pond, which is also filthy and filled with silt. As they say “Better Late Than Never” after numerous requests and complaints made by the nearby residents, the Mangaluru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) on Wednesday, 3 March 2021 launched the work of rejuvenating, both the Kadri Kaibattalu and Jogimath ponds, under its lake rejuvenation programme.

Once a beautiful and clean pond filled with fishes and which would frequently be visited by a variety of birds has now become polluted after the start of the construction of the nearby mega residential complex a couple of years ago. Constant requests by the nearby residents made to the builder about the lake getting polluted, but their efforts were all in vain since the builder had turned a blind eye against it. Now that the MUDA authority has come forward to remove silt, construct a walking track, and take up other beautification works at the Kadri Kaibattalu Pond and Jogimath pond, nearby residents and visitors will be looking forward to totally rejuvenated ponds within 3-4 months if everything goes on well.

Apart from those residing at Water Woods aka Doctors Colony, mainly doctors- Dr Prashant Marla, Dr Ajit Kumar Shetty, Dr Rajesh Shetty, Dr Ali Kumble, Dr Prasad Hegde, Dr Mustafa, Dr Santhosh Soans, Dr Mohammed Ismail, Dr Hansraj Alva and Dr Jalaluddin Akbar, there are quite a few other residents living in independent houses nearby since ages, who are anxiously looking forward to the extreme-makeover of the Kadri Kaibattalu Pond, as well as the nearby Jogimath Pond, so that they can have a walk or jog in a clean environment around these ponds.

Dr Hansraj Alva explaining about the Kaibattalu Pond

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Dr Hansraj Alva (Vinaya Hospital and Research Centre) and resident of Water Woods said, “The existing Kaibattalu pond was a small puddle when we started with our project which was converted into a beautiful pond by us. It remained beautiful till about six years back until disaster struck with the mushrooming construction of buildings around the pond. With the slurry and waste products, plastic bottles etc. got dumped into the lake, the Lake reached its pits. We need to be serious about preserving water bodies. Even now lot’s of birds, even the migratory ones, visit the lake every day, where I have spotted about 42 different species. There are lots of fishes which need to be saved as well”.

“Retaining the beauty of the lake without concretizing is the need of the hour. We should do only the desilting, making way for the contaminated water to leave the rest to nature. This lake belongs to the birds, the fishes and mother nature.. For nearly seven years this pond was crystal clear, and we could see a variety of fishes, but now the water was becoming muddy, we could hardly see any fish, and they were totally suffering in the filthy water. The mega building has literally cut off the perennial water source for the lake. We are happy that MUDA, along with MCC and civic departments have come forward to rejuvenate this pond and bring it back to its earlier look,” added Dr Hansraj Alva.

A very active and committed Area Ward corporator Manohar Shetty having pushed forward for this project speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “It’s nice to note that MUDA has agreed to rejuvenate these two ponds as per my request since it is necessary to stop encroachment and pollution of lakes. Kadri Kaibattalu pond will be beautified at an estimated cost of Rs one crore, whereas Jojimath pond at an estimated cost of Rs 50 lakh. It should be noted that MUDA is reviving a few identified lakes this year and will make sure the water in these water bodies serve drinking water needs, just like these two ponds in the Kadri area. We surely need the cooperation of the citizens in achieving this objective”.

It is learnt that MUDA chairman Ravishankar Mijar has asked Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Rajendra to take steps for clearing encroachments before handing over 197 water bodies in the City to the authority for development. The Guddalipuja of both the Kadri Kaibattalu pond as well as Jogimath pond was graced by MLA Vedavyas Kamath, MCC Mayor Premanand Shetty, Area Ward Corporator Manohar Shetty, among other MCC officials and nearby residents.

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  1. If the 34-floor apartments continue to pollute, how will this rejuvenation going to help? It will be advantage for the contractor. Even after all the makeover, I seriously doubt the water quality will be better. Very serious action shouldbe taken against the builders of those complexes. They would have made crores paying bribes of crores. Now crores of public money is being spent on this project. By reading this report, I can say that their plan to going to be a mega failure unless serious action is taken to stop the pollution from the near by apartments. Who would be doing that?

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