‘Kajavu Padodchi Anna/Akka’! Social Media Campaign by MCC Proves Fruitful

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‘Kajavu Padodchi Anna, Kajavu Padodchi Akka’! (Please Don’t Litter brothers, Please Don’t Litter Sisters!) Social Media Campaign by the Health Department of Mangaluru city corporation (MCC) proves Fruitful

  • Send pictures and video footage of people throwing waste in public places, to the WhatsApp number 9449007722.

Mangaluru: In a new campaign titled ‘Kajavu Padodchi Anna, Kajavu Padodchi Akka’ (please don’t litter brothers, sisters), the health department of the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has appealed to citizens to send pictures or video footage of people throwing waste in public places. The social media campaign has proved fruitful, yielding good results, with the city corporation receiving several pictures, and penalties ranging from Rs 1,500 to Rs 25,000, have been levied on over a dozen violators.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Shabarinath Rai, MCC zonal commissioner, said “Citizens may send pictures and video footage of people throwing waste in public places, to the WhatsApp number 9449007722. A penalty will be imposed on those who dump waste in public places, and vacant sites in the city. The city corporation has already identified nearly 50 people who dumped waste at various places in the city, and imposed a penalty to the tune of Rs 1 Lakh, from January till August 2022”.


He further said, “Soon after receiving the photos from the public on WhatsApp, officials work in coordination with the RTO authorities and police, to identify the person, who is found throwing waste in public places. Thereafter, the MCC serves them a notice and makes them pay a penalty. In fact, the WhatsApp number was introduced recently, when we received several complaints regarding people dumping waste in public places at Nandigudda in the city. Nearly 90% of the garbage dumping issue at Nandigudda has been solved, with the participation of people”

NOW after CCTV’s installed and Social Media Whatsapp Campaign Started… 

“In addition, we also have 12 CCTV cameras fixed at different locations in the city, like Kudroli Aleke, Gundalike, Gorigudda, Kulai, Barke, Nandigudda (2 No’s), Urwa Market near a hostel, Mahatmanagar, Old Port Road (Bunder area), Mukka, Kulur, in order to keep public places clean. Very soon, we will increase the number of CCTV cameras, so that all black spots in the city will be cleared,” added Er Rai.

Meanwhile, MCC Mayor Premanand Shetty said that the new system will help the city corporation to file criminal cases against those who throw waste beside roads and other public places. “From the footage, officials can identify the people throwing waste, and find the registration number of the vehicle that violators use while littering public places too. We will use the cameras in all such black spots, and thereby try to keep public places clean.”

Mangaluru is obsessed with cleanliness. But it wasn’t always so. Not too long back, you could dump your garbage almost anywhere in the city. But that was until the Ramakrishna Mission Math of Mangaluru stepped in to clean up. Among those who took the initiative seriously was this branch of the Ramakrishna Mission in Mangaluru which not only heralded a cleanliness ‘revolution’ but also altered the visual landscape of the city. Numbers tell a great deal about this transformative effort that has changed the way the city looks, feels and smells by the sheer power of ‘volunteerism’. But after Ramakrishna Mission stopped their project after five years, Mangaluru City was back to square one, with people littering once again, and no one to clean it, including the Nandigudda and Bappal area.

As we echo the guiding thought ‘Swachha Mangaluru Kanasu Alla, Neevu Manassu Madabekashte’ (Clean Mangaluru is Not a Dream, You just have to make up your mind). But NGOs and other organizations can’t clean the mess every time people are ignorant of littering garbage. Hope these CCTVs and the Social Media/campaign Whatsapp will serve the purpose of catching those who intentionally litter garbage. Let’s hope for the best!

And thanks to Mangaluru City Corporation, and also joined by members of United Nandigudda Sports and Cultural Association, APD Foundation, Hasiru Dala and One-Man Power Environmentalist Jeeth Milan Roche who are trying to make a difference in keeping our City roads/lanes tidy, green and clean.

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