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Kanara Entrepreneurs – Bangalore conducts its April Members meet through Webinar

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Kanara Entrepreneurs – Bangalore conducts its April Members meet through Webinar

The last members meet of Kanara Entrepreneurs – Bangalore (K.E), was held in Feb 2020 and the members were looking forward to the next bi-monthly meeting scheduled for April. However, due to the global lockdown which is enforced even in all states and parts of India due to CoVid19, the meeting could not be held at the regular venue as planned.

As the old saying that dates back to many centuries and a favourite of the Showman of Indian Cinema Raj Kapoor – “ The Show must go on”, so too for KE Bangalore, the lockdown was no reason for not going ahead with the schedule members meet of April, the only difference was that it was conducted online through a Webinar, on 17th April 2020.

The meeting commenced at 7.00 p.m, with the KE prayer being recited by Nigel Fernandes. Following the prayer, President Charles Gomes welcomed all the members to the web meeting and thanked all the members for attending the webinars conducted by KE over the past few weeks of the lockdown and urged all the members to continue to network with fellow members and look at the possibilities to continue with their business through online methods.

Director Membership Roshan D’Silva inducted the new members into KE by completing the required formalities and administering the oath of membership. This is probably the first such member induction, held online by KE since its inception. The new members who joined KE Bangalore are as follows:

1. Vincent Jacob Louis: Vice President – Business Development at EdQart&Xpans IT
2. Aloysius D’Souza: Mentor at Lipids &Flavours Private Limited.

Post the induction formalities, five members presented their business profiles by promoting their business and pitching for their respective products.

1. Dr. Pramila D’Souza – Financial planner and Insurance service provider. Pramila can be reached at maria@wealth2life.com
2. Prescilla George – who runs a Holistic Nutrition company called Positive Health and can be reached at prescillageorge7@gmail.com
3. Rufus Monteiro – a water ecosystem expert called Living Aquatic Systems. Please visit www.livingaquaticsystemz.com to get in touch with Rufus.
4. Saleena J – who runs a firm called Cosmic Consultants into recruitment services. Saleena can be reached at saleena@cosmicconsultantshr.com
5. AmithNigli – An educationist& app specialist and founder of Bapp. Amit can be reached at nigliamith@yahoo.com

Post the business pitches was the much-awaited icing on the cake, which was eagerly anticipated by many young entrepreneurs – the Success Story by Dr. Anthony Paiswho is a world-renowned cancer specialist and Co-founder & Clinical Director at Cytecare Cancer Hospitals. The meeting was moderated by Carol Pereira and the vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Bryan. Associate Director of KE Bangalore, Pramod D’Souza arranged and moderated the webinar along with Dir-Membership Roshan D’Silva.

Dr. Anthony Pais – his life story in brief

Dr. Pais spoke about his journey since childhood. Born and bred in a Catholic family at Mangalore, Dr.Pais was a student at St. Aloysius school & college in Mangalore, Dr. Pais excelled in sports and at NCC, to reach the national level. Though Dr.Pais was interested to take up either of the two as a career, he was discouraged by his family and was persuaded to take up a professional course such as medicine instead, and that’s how Dr. Pais went on to become a doctor. After completing his MBBS and post-graduation from KMC, Dr. Pais joined Fr. Muller’s Hospital at Mangalore and till date holds the record for being the only doctor in the history of the hospital, who worked day and night, without taking a break for an entire One year.

Dr. Pais then moved to Bombay to gain more experience at the Tata Memorial Hospital and excelled in surgery under the guidance of Dr. Stanislaus Patrao whom he considers as his Father of Surgery and then moved to Kidwai Bangalore. His association with Dr. Alfred Mascarenhas gave him great exposure in specialization in treating cancer and he also had a stint at SDM Dharwad. Dr. Pais then moved to St. John’s Hospital Bangalore and as Professor of Surgery, established the department for Surgical Oncology at the hospital.

Dr. Pais then moved to Saudi Arabia after resigning from St. John’s to King Fahad Specialist Hospital as Head of Breast & Endocrine dept, and here is where he specialized in Breast Cancer surgery. While practicing at Saudi, Dr. Pais got a surprise call from none other than Dr. Devi Shetty who invited him to join the renowned Narayana Hospitals as HOD of Surgery. Dr. Pais who was homesick by now and wanted to return to India grabbed this opportunity by taking up the offer and his new assignment, back at Bangalore. Dr. Pais had vast experience in Breast Cancer treatments and therefore took it up as a super specialization.

Dr. Pais has many firsts and here are to name a few:

• The first Catholic to receive the prestigious Mahadevan’s Award by the Association of Surgeons
• Founded the First Oncoplastic breast unit of South India
• First Indian to be granted a fellowship of COSESCA in Africa
• First Indian to become the Examiner at the College of Surgeons of East, Central & Southern Africa

Apart from this Dr. Pais work has been decorated with a number of awards which include

• Best cadet as a student from NDA at the R.D parade – states of Mysore & Goa
• Best sportsman at State & National levels
• Best Teacher award – St. John’s Medical Collge
• Prof. Sathya Narayana Setty Gold Medal for excellence in cancer
• Membership to the prestigious American Society of Breast diseases
• Dual gold medals in Surgery
• FKCA award in 2011

Dr. Pais has published and presented many journals at USA, Japan and many other countries. Apart from being a dedicated surgeon, he is also a man of deep faith and prayer, which he says, has got him goingso well in life. To sum it all up in Dr. Pais own words – it has been “A Roller Coaster life” and he says he will continue to do whatever best is in his capacity to treat people, and thus his service to mankind.

Photos & report: by KE media

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