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Kannada Film ‘Virupa’ Capturing Life of 3 Poor Children in Hampi Releasing in City on Friday

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Kannada Film ‘Virupa’ Capturing Life of 3 Poor Children in Hampi Releasing in City on Friday, 12 April at 9.30 am at Big Cinemas-Bharath Mall with Coastalwood stars gracing the occasion; and also at other multiplex theatres in City.

Mangaluru: A Kannada film capturing the life of three poor children, of whom two actors are physically challenged, in Hampi and produced and directed by Mangaloreans will hit cinemas this Friday, 12 April 2109. It depicts the life of poor children in Hampi. The cinema titled ‘Virupa’ has been named after three characters – Vincent, Rustum and Paksha (not real names of actors) – who are those poor children. Of them, Vincent is visually impaired and Rustum is deaf-and-dumb. The three children are aged about 10 years.

Addressing presspersons during a press meet held at Mangaluru Press Club, Punik Shetty, the Director, said, “The movie is all about three young children in Hampi, met by a French tourist- and the story goes on. The cinema unfolds poverty, the life of underprivileged and privileged children and life of urban and rural children. It also showcases the life of people. It has also captured the beauty of Hampi. The entire team had been trained for a month as shooting involving two physically challenged children, who never had any acting experience, was a challenge”.

“The unique feature of this film is “Sink Sound” (synchronized sound recording) refers to sound recorded at the time of the filming of movies. It has been widely used in movies since the birth of sound movies. There is no dubbing. The film was also shot in France and Goa, apart from Hampi and other places in Karnataka. Most of the scenes are shot in beautiful and scenic Hampi, and the movie is all about these three children and their lives in Hampi. Even the tourist guide, hotel staff/waiters, foreigners/visitors have been included in the movie”.

Produced by Dubois Productions and directed by Punik Shetty, the film Cast includes Shayal Gomes as VINCENT, Charan as RUSTUM, Vishnu as PAAKSHA Daniel Lessard (France) as Alfred, Prapti as Spoorthi, Sudeep as Aniket, Manju as Vittala, and Nesta (Russia) as Maria. The Producer of “Virupa is Dafney Neethu D’Souza; Story, screenplay & direction- Punik Shetty; Executive Producer- Dixsun J D’Souza; Director of Photography- Ananth Raj Urs; Sound Designer:- Mahaveer Sabannavar; Editor-Avinash Kavoor; Campaign Art- Karan Acharya; Make up- Prakash Gokak; Costume- K Ganesh; Manager- Narasimha; Direction Team- Shivakumar Lakshmeshwar, S.Madhusudan.

Dixsun J. D’Souza, the executive producer, said that the visually impaired child actor is from Bhatkal and the deaf-and-dumb actor is from Tumakuru. The third child actor is from Hampi. The film also gives a message on communal harmony. Child actors of the movie-Sahay and Charan, Environmentalist and activist Dinesh Holla and Well-wisher and supporter of the Film Advocate Arun Bangera were present during the press meet.

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