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Karangalpady gets a ‘New Look’ for ‘New Year’! Thanks to RK Mission Volunteers

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Karangalpady gets a ‘New Look’ for ‘New Year’! Thanks to RK Mission Volunteers

Mangaluru: If the residents around Karangalpady near Bunts Hostel-Mangaluru and others passing through that area are wondering how come the vicinity looks tidy- that’s because while most of the people were still in bed being a lazy Sunday, volunteers of Ramakrishna Mission as part of their Swachh Bharath-Swachh Mangaluru with brooms and other cleaning materials in their hands, took the initiative in cleaning the once untidy area. Residents of Karangalpady should be thankful to these volunteers for cleaning the mess, either created by them or someone else. But anyhow, the area got a “New Look” for the “New Year”?

Ramakrishna Mission’ which is on a ‘Mission’ to Make ‘Namma Mangaluru, Swachha Mangaluru’, with nearly 4000 volunteers, 400 drives, over 40 teams and nearly 40 weeks, is looking forward to accomplishing their goal in making Mangaluru much cleaner than it was before. This campaign which was initiated on the 1st February 2015, has been going on in full swing, with many volunteers from Schools/colleges/organizations coming forward to take part in this unique project in order to make Mangaluru a cleaner city, under the campaign “Swachh Bharath” launched by PM Modi. And after completing 3rd Phase of “Swacchata Abhiyana”, Ramakrishna Mission has now launched into its 4th Phase of this Abhiyana- and this is the Ninth Sunday of the “Swachh Mangaluru Abhiyan” among the nearly 40 weeks that are scheduled during this year’s campaign, which concludes before the monsoon starts…

This is a very good initiative taken by Ramakrishna Mission with a strong motto to see that Mangaluru is kept clean under PM Modi’s “Swachh Bharath Abhiyan”. Yes, volunteers under the guidance of Ramakrishna Mission are doing a great job of cleaning, but it’s also the responsibility of the general public to see that they don’t litter the place again which has been cleaned with dedication and community service by these volunteers. The members and volunteers of Ramakrishna Mission have taken PM Modi’s words very seriously and have taken the Initiative of the Cleanliness Drive which includes: Cleaning roads and public places; Awareness programme through distribution of literature ; Urgent & minor road repairs; Clearance of drainage and garbage; Renovation of dilapidated and neglected bus shelters; Painting and beautification of compound wall; Clearing non-usable dumping places for public utility; Developing gardens and planting saplings at road medians; Adopting a few roads; Planting saplings on roadsides; and Cleaning and painting in the govt. school premises.

The Karangalpady area is not the same which was yesterday, because all the garbage that garbage the vicinity have been cleaned; posters stuck on the walls have been scraped off; walls have been repainted; temporary traffic barricades have been replaced with permanent ones; dirt that was piled up in front of the Karangalpady veg market has been cleaned; wild grass has been pulled; and much more was done to give the area a fresh new look for the new year. Under the supervision and leadership of Swami Ekagamanandaji, Co-ordinator of Ramakrishna Mission Abhiyan, the team of volunteers with dedication and commitment were determined to give an extreme makeover to the dilapidated area- and their efforts were fruitful and successful-the area looks “Swachh” and “Neat”?

Among the many volunteers that took part in today’s clean drive was Tokyo-Japan origin Masa Hiro Monoi, the proprietor of ‘ Jap Cul Style Pvt Ltd ( which produces Japanese food and other items), and when Team Mangalorean asked him what made him take part in the Abhiyan, he replied saying, “I come from Tokyo City which is clean because the citizens there have kept it that way, and since Ramakrishna Mission has taken this project of Clean Mangaluru, I thought to myself why not volunteer myself in this campaign. This is my second time and will continue to volunteer whenever I find the time. Just cleaning work done by volunteers will not serve the purpose of Swachh Mangaluru, citizens should use their common sense not to litter, only then we can look forward to a cleaner and better Mangaluru City”. When asked if Kudla can be like Tokyo in the nearest future”, he paused for a while and blushingly said, “I hope so, but I am not quite sure. It all depends on the citizens of Mangaluru ?”

12 years-old Inika Shetty, a 7th std student at St Theresa School, who along with her dad had taken part in the cleanliness drive speaking to Team Mangalorean said, ” I want to see my Mangaluru City clean. I have volunteered myself in this campaign since last year and will continue further because I want to be an example to my classmates and other children of my age to also take part in this mission so that we can all make Mangaluru look cleaner and better. Our home, our surrounding, our streets, our City- we should all think and try to keep it clean because next to Godliness is cleanliness. I am happy to see that also adults and seniors have come forward with dedication and commitment to a part of this Swachhata Abhiyan. Calling all girls and boys of my age to come forward and join in this campaign for a Swachh Mangaluru”.

Shilpa Ray, a former staff nurse at KMC Hospital-Mangaluru was seen with her 3 year-old son Shawn holding a broom and sweeping the side street, while Shawn was collecting garbage and dumping it in the wastebasket, speaking to Team Mangalorean said, ” Seeing all the news about Ramakrishna Mission’s Swachh Mangaluru campaign, I decided to volunteer myself in the campaign, and I even brought my son along with me so that he too at the very young age should learn about cleanliness. He is very excited since morning running around collecting waste and placing it in the wastebasket. This is a very good initiative taken up by the Math, and citizens should also play a vital role in trying to keep their surroundings clean, by not littering or dumping waste. Together we can all make a difference and make our city look clean”

In conclusion, the main prop of Ramakrishna Mission programme has been the dedication and commitment of youth volunteers and students from different institutions in and around Mangaluru. Added to their dynamism is the devoted service and zeal of our devotees – well-wishers and friends who have continually supported the Ashram. Govt. officials and agencies have also lent all the possible help in this programme. With nearly 39 more weeks of cleaning to be done, if anyone is interested in joining this “Swachh Mangaluru for Swachh Bharath” programme undertaken by Ramakrishna Mission can call 0824-2414412 or 9448353162. While we ring into the New Year, let’s look forward to a Cleaner and Better “Smart City” Mangaluru in 2018.

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