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Karnataka govt takes on Blue Whale challenge

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Karnataka govt takes on Blue Whale challenge

Bengaluru, (DHNS): The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has directed its officials to take measures to prevent children falling prey to Blue Whale game.

Sowjanya, commissioner, DPI, has issued a circular to deputy directors, block education officers, head masters and teachers.

The DPI circular directs teachers, parents, School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC) and voluntary organisations to conduct regular meetings to create awareness among children and parents about ill effects of the game.

The Commissioner has instructed them to publish pamphlets and circulate among public, take out processions, issue press releases to papers and organise awareness activities every day in schools so that children stay off from certain websites and deadly games.

The DPI has advised teachers and parents to approach police and issue instructions to internet centre owners directing them not to permit children play the game through the police.

The DPI has advised parents and teachers to check out following five developments among children.

* Whether there are any unusual symbols and scars especially on shoulders and lips.

* Whether children watch horror movies continuously.

* Whether children wake up at 4.20 am

* Whether children watch disturbing and bizarre music

* Whether children post depressing messages and selfies on social media.

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