Karnataka Minister says compensation package resulting in more farmers’ suicides

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Karnataka Minister says compensation package resulting in more farmers’ suicides

Haveri: Karnataka Agricultural Marketing Minister Shivananada Patil on Tuesday sparked a controversy after saying that the compensation package of Rs 5 lakh given by the government is resulting in more number of farmers’s suicides.

Speaking to reporters in Haveri, he claimed that the reporting of farmers’ suicides is creating panic among people.

“There are few who have died due to drinking liquor. There are those who died due to heart attacks. We have started to provide Rs 5 lakh compensation from 2015 for the farmers who committed suicide. Since then, the numbers have been rising. The media should also take note of this development.

“In 2020, more than 500 farmers had ended their lives. In 2021 more than 600 had committed suicide. But, if you consider FIRs, it is your mistake. The farmers are committing suicide for various reasons. Even deaths due to love cases are also considered as farmers’ suicides,” he said.

“I don’t understand how newspapers are giving figures without cross-checking. There are officers and before reporting, one should cross-check with them. The relatives, thinking out of greed, that if the complaint is given as suicide due to crop loss, they will get compensation,” he claimed.

“If the farmers meet injustice, there will be no delay in compensation. The legislators are pressured naturally by people. The wrong reports will create panic. Do not come to the conclusion that the death of a farmer is a case of suicide. The reason for death is not only loans but crop loss. There will be personal matters. Even the death due to a snake bite is also reported as a suicide,” he added.

The farmers and activists have slammed Patil for his statements and demanded his resignation.

Mallikarjuna Ballary, General Secretary of the District Farmers’ Association, said that the organisation would provide him Rs 50 lakh and let him commit suicide. He also stated that the organisation would surround Patil and stage protests wherever he goes.

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