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Karnataka urges people to take Covid-19 test soon

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Karnataka urges people to take Covid-19 test soon
Bengaluru: Alarmed by the increasing number of asymptomatic cases across the state, a worried Karnataka government directed all the people, especially those above 55 years of age, to undergo Covid-19 test at the earliest to ensure they are free from it or get treated if they turn positive, an official said on Tuesday.

“As we have received more medical kits and rushed them to state-run hospitals and designated private labs across the state to conduct hundreds of coronavirus tests daily, the people, especially seniors, should take the test and know their health status. If they test positive, they should get admitted to Covid-19 state-run or designated private hospitals for treatment. If negative, they should stay home till the lockdown is lifted on May 3,” the health official told IANS here.

State health department data revealed that of the 390 cases reported till Sunday, 256 were asymptomatic and 134 symptomatic, who were primary and secondary contacts of the virus patients.

Asymptomatic patients are also those who do not have overseas travel history or were in contact with Covid-19 patients, but display the symptoms at a later stage.

Though Karnataka is in the 10th position in the national Covid-19 tracker with 418 positive cases, including 128 discharged and 17 deaths till date, thousands of people remain untested across the state.

A total of 13,546 people, including 3,871 primary contacts and 9,673 secondary contacts, have been shortlisted to take the test across the state in the next 10 days.

“Results of these tests are crucial for the state in the run-up to the 19-day extended lockdown till May 3,” the official noted.

According to state health commissioner A.K. Pandey, the number of Covid-19 tests has shot up four times to about 2,000 a day from 500 daily till April 15 at 17 labs across the state.

“As the tests will double with 10 more labs being set up this week and 30 more by May-end, people should volunteer to take the test in their interest and welfare though they may not have travelled abroad recently or got into contact with any positive case or infected person,” pointed out the official.

In an advisory through the media and radio/television, the state government has exhorted the people, especially senior citizens, even with minor symptoms like cold, cough, fatigue, throat pain or fever to undergo the Covid-19 test so that they can get treated at an early stage.

The guidelines from the Centre stipulate that senior citizens should not only stay in the house, but also avoid visitors at home, maintain at least one-meter distance and check pulse, blood pressure and sugar level to ensure they remain healthy and active during the lockdown.

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