Karnataka’s Aland city tense after miscreants desecrate Shivling

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Karnataka’s Aland city tense after miscreants desecrate Shivling

Raichur: Aland city in Karnataka’s Kalaburagi district is celebrating the Mahashivaratri festival on Tuesday in a tense atmosphere as the police department has clamped prohibitory orders till March 3, following the recent incident of desecration of the Shivling in the Eshwar temple.

The district authorities have made elaborate security arrangements for the festival which is celebrated on a large scale with much devotion.

According to the police, special worship has been arranged in the temple. On the same day, the Shab-e-barat ceremony is being celebrated at Laadle Mashak Dargah located next to the desecrated Eshwar temple.

Taking the sensitivity of the matter into consideration, elaborate security arrangements have been made.

The Kalaburagi police have released the orders prohibiting the entry of Srirama Sena founder Pramod Muthalik, Hindu activist Chaitra Kundapur and Siddalinga Swamiji to the Kalaburagi district till March 3. The decision of the district administration is being opposed by Hindutva organisations. Siddalinga Swamiji was supposed to head a cleansing religious programme at the desecrated temple.

Chaitra Kundapur, who tried to violate the orders and enter the district, has been taken into custody by the Shahabad police.

Pramod Muthalik had stated that the district commissioner of Kalaburgi is taking anti-Hindu stands.

Shivratri festival is celebrated with utmost devotion and fanfare in the entire north Karnataka region including Kalaburgi.

The development has worried the state police department as there are chances of the issue leading to a law and order problem in the state.

The state police department had to make elaborate security arrangements in the city for more than a week after the incident of the murder of Bajrang Dal activist Harsha in Shivamogga.

The schools and colleges were opened from Monday (February 28), and Shivamogga city, which witnessed large-scale violence, is limping back to normalcy.

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