‘Kassal Vorshik Maraya’! Shenoy Mamu Expressing Frustrations on Incomplete Car Street Work

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‘Kassal Vorshik Maraya’! Shenoy Mamu Expressing Frustrations on Incomplete Car Street Work

  •  “Kassal Vorshik Maraya! Car Streetantu Novembrantu Complete Zauka Asshille Kaamu Attam January Jallyaree Complete Jaaini, Ye Poora Careless Kaamu!” ! ( What nonsense is this! The Car Street work which was supposed to be completed in November, its January now, the work is still not completed, which is careless”) ! Shenoy Mamu Expressing Frustrations on Incomplete Car Street work

Mangaluru: Drive, Ride or Walk around the Smart City it is a DISASTER, with mud, soil, dust, pollution etc due to the various Smart City projects that have been put on hold by the Managing Director of Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL), and who is also the Commissioner of Mangaluru City Corporation. It should be noted that when MSCL had started a bunch of Smart City projects all at a same time, there was lots of mud, soil, rocks etc that had accumulated when digging of roads/footpaths was done, and with no proper place to dispose off all this construction waste soil/mud/debris, the contractors who were at the helm of all these MSCL projects dumped waste/debris wherever they could find a empty space or leave it near the construction sites.

And when such kind of illegal way of handling of construction waste soil was going on for a while, the High Court (HC) in the month of December 2020, had directed the commissioner of Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) and MD of MSCL Akshy Sridhar to confirm whether rules relating to disposal of construction waste are being followed when executing 34 works undertaken within the city limits under the Smart City project.  The High Court judge who heard a public interest litigation filed by Karnataka Legal Services Authority, took the commissioner severely to task for failing to stick to rules. The HC said that rules and regulations were not being followed when disposing of waste generated at the sites of these works, duly pointing out that the waste lying at the work sites have not been cleared and this has been creating an impediment for the smooth movement of the people. “Without you getting smarter, how do you expect to make the city smart? Why are steps as per 2016 rules on construction waste disposal not followed? Why is the Smart City corporation a silent spectator to these violations,” asked the High Court . (Ref: Traffic to be Diverted during UGD Work on Car Street Road from 1 October till 29 November 

MSCL WASH ME! Vehicles Covered with Construction Dust along the Car Street 

Mangaluru City Corporation Commissioner Akshy Sridhar on 23 December had informed the High Court through video conferencing that the various works underway in the city under the Mangaluru Smart City Project will be suspended until the  contractors adhere to the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules 2016. And due to this various ongoing Smart City projects were stopped,including the development of Car Street work, which was supposed to be completed in November or by early December 2020. Drive, Ride or Walk on half-done work of Car Street, it is a nightmare, and the entire is polluted with construction dust, and the shop owners are feeling the brunt of it. Parked vehicles will be fully covered with dust, if you leave it for a few minutes. Many eatery shops on Car Street are unhappy with the work, and the dust entering their food areas is affecting the hygienic they maintain. (‘Public Money in Crores Wasted on Works Undertaken by MSCL’- Abdul Rauf )

S Prabhu having a shop on Car Street speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “When the lockdown was imposed we suffered huge losses, and now post lockdown when we were trying to make up the losses, MSCL came in and started the work and totally messed up their work, by putting a stoppage to the ongoing work. Once again we are incurring losses due to low turnout of customers, who are reluctant to come to Car Street, due to construction debris and pollution. Does anyone from the district administration or MCC  care about us or have the courtesy to give us a break on our taxes. No,they won’t, since they want their money, but don’t care if we lose money”. MSCL First Violated C & DWR Rules & Now Stopped All Their Works, Putting Commuters in Hardship 

A eatery shop owner said, “I have way too many customers, because they hesitate to come here due to all the dust from the construction and also because of the fear of Covid-19. What was the need for MSCL to hurry up and start this project, when they knew that we had faced a huge loss during the lockdown and post lockdown. We are helpless at the moment, and even our constant complaints have no value, and we keep suffering in this total mess created by MSCL and MCC”. (Car Street OPEN for Two-Wheelers Movement from TODAY (1 December) )

At the same time, the court also directed the Karnataka Environmental Control Board to consider the appeals submitted by Mangaluru Smart City Limited for the approval of the works under the Smart City project. The next hearing in the case has been  fixed for 20 January 2021. So it looks like no Smart City works will start until 20 January, and in the meantime, people and motorists have to suffer all the consequences due to MSCL fault,doing their business on this stretch of Car Street.  Wow- How Smarter Can Our City Get?

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