‘Keep Focused, Have a Goal & Aim BIG in Life’- Top Cop Inspired Students at ‘INSPIRE-Series 02’ by SAC

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  • ‘Keep Focused, Have a Goal, Aim BIG in Life, and Be Your Own Version’- Top Cop aka Police Commissioner of Mangaluru N Shashi Kumar Inspired Students at ‘INSPIRE-Series 02’ organized by Department of History, St Aloysius College, (Autonomous) Mangaluru

Mangaluru: It is said, “You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help enough, other people get what they want.” —. It was one such event ‘ INSPIRE Series 02’ which is an initiative taken by the Department of History of St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru to help students to embark on a journey towards excellence. And if that has to happen then inspiration is all that students needed during this programme, and Police Commissioner of Mangaluru N Shashi Kumar was the right person to inspire them, about his life journey, where he had reached greater heights and has now attained a responsible and renowned post as the TOP COP of Mangaluru City.

And to be frank, it was truly a blessing for the staff and students of St Aloysius College-Department of History to have N Shashi Kumar, Commissioner of Police, who is not just a duty-full IPS officer but also a person who responds to the issues concerning public interest. Having a close relationship with the Police Commissioner as part of Team Mangaloraen of Mangalorean.com, I can say that N Shashi Kumar is a fun-loving, jolly, and easy-going guy, and mixes with all types of people, including the police personnel. He is Friendly, Approachable, Courteous, and an Easy-Going Person. It should be noted that ever since N Shashi Kumar took over the charge as Police Commissioner he has come up with quite a few initiatives which have pleased his police department staff and citizens of Mangaluru. His social concern can be seen in the different activities like creating awareness for crime prevention, road safety, and prevention of sexual harassment of children are noteworthy. He is a truly inspirational figure to the youth of the city through his various social awareness initiatives. And the organizers of ‘INSPIRE-Series 02’ had no doubt picked the right person to inspire with his inspirational, and motivational talk.

Following the prayer invoking God’s blessings, the welcome address was delivered by Dr Vishanz Pinto, Head of the Dept of History, following which a talk was given by inspiring personality, a 2007 batch IPS officer N. Shashi Kumar to tell about his journey from being a B.Sc graduate in Agriculture and now to be a celebrated IPS officer. Addressing the audience, the Police Commissioner said, ” Keep Focused, Have a Goal, Aim BIG in Life and Try to be your Version. You don’t have to follow in others’ footsteps and also listen to others. Don’t look forward to getting high marks or ranks, because I have seen those rank holders who take up responsible positions don’t do their job right Whereas a person who wasn’t a rank holder or passed without flying colours is more active, dedicated and do their job right”.

” Giving my example, I wasn’t a big rank holder but fared well in my academics, and I was able to serve in various posts and kept active, never was inactive, and thus received praises and applause from the citizens where I served in various capacities. As an average successful academic student, I was able to get good jobs, and it was all due to my hard work and efforts. I ask you all not to have any doubts, to be strong, to have a goal and try hard to make your dreams come true. Have values in your academics and the community, and be ready to face life, in good times and in bad times. Be patient, take it easy, don’t put too much stress on your studies, gradually aim to do better in your exams and success will surely be yours” added the Police Commissioner.

He further said, ” I worked hard to attain success and did well in my academics, and here I am with this prestigious post to serve the community to the best of my ability, sincerity and dedication, thus gaining love from people. I urge you not to take too much guidance from others, instead, go to the library and browse through the books and you’ll get all the details that you need, or use the help of the Internet. I never looked forward to getting ranks or high grades in my academics, but I was lucky to succeed in my exams, and land in various responsible positions in society. Be bold, don’t give up, try, try and you will succeed. Best of luck”.

Following his speech, the students posed a few queries on Moral Policing, Communal tension, etc at the Police Commissioner, which he answered to the point. A student also had an issue of a mobile phone getting stolen but was not handled in the right manner by the law enforcement crew, for which the Police Commissioner on a lighter side of the vein said that he will straighten up the concerned authorities when such ‘Mobile Phone Thefts’ take place!

Rev Dr Praveen Martis Sj, the Principal of St Aloysius College in his presidential address praised the police commissioner for his very inspirational and motivational talk and urged the students to take Top Cop’s message very seriously and follow in his footsteps to become responsible citizens. It is said, “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings, and the words of gratitude were proposed by Dr Mona Mendonca, Assistant Professor, Dept of History and the convenor of this programme, and the programme was eloquently and meticulously compered by Miss Shariya Shaikh, a III B A student.

Dr Alwyn D’sa-the Registrar; Dr Charles Furtado, Director, Admin Block, Dr Rose Veera D’souza, Dean, Arts Faculty, Dr Vishanz Pinto, Head Dept of History, all at St Aloysius College, among others graced the occasion.

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