Keep Your ‘COCONUTS’ At Home, Don’t Carry Them on Flight in Your Bags!

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Keep Your ‘COCONUTS’ At Home, Don’t Carry Them on Flight in Your Bags!

 Mangaluru: One thing for sure you cannot blame the Airport Security personnel for the rules and regulations set for items that passengers take with them on a plane, whether in their carry-on bags or in their checked luggage. There are outrageous methods people think about when it comes to transporting random stuff through airport security. Some of them are so crazy, they may have thought it just might work. This is the reason why Airport Security rules and regulations could seem crazy, but that’s just how one fights it, crazy with crazy. Crazy or not, these rules are still for the passengers’ benefit and safety. The least we can do is abide by them.

There is a list of food items that are so weird that they are prohibited on airplanes almost everywhere in the world. Some food that we never thought would pose a problem for us when it comes to security, but it turns out, we’d have to leave them there or consume them right in front of the security officer. And then there are some that, in principle, should have never been allowed, but weirdly, they aren’t. Sometimes we will never understand the basis of these rules and regulations on what we can or cannot bring with us on the plane.

How about carrying DRY COCONUTS in your bags while travelling by flight. Here is a story where a mom and daughter didn’t receive their check-in suitcase when they reached their destination. Unaware that dry coconuts are prohibited onboard aircraft as they pose a fire threat, a young woman and her mother had a shock when they landed in Delhi and realised their suitcase with six coconuts was retained in Bengaluru. The two were on a quest to find the suitcase, which also contained clothes for a wedding they are scheduled to attend. The coconuts were to be part of a belated Bhai Dooj celebration in Uttarakhand.

Sources reveal that Education content developer and Kodihalli resident Astha Chaudhary and her mother booked an Air India flight, AI 804, from Bengaluru to Delhi as they were headed to their relative’s wedding in Kashipur, Uttarakhand. They had checked in two suitcases at Kempegowda International Airport around 5am and took off in the 6.10am flight, and they landed in Delhi by 9am. But they were shocked to realise that one of their checked-in suitcases hadn’t reached Delhi airport.. When they enquired with Air India ground staff at Delhi airport, who checked with their Bengaluru counterparts and informed the duo that the bag was retained in Bengaluru as there were dry coconuts inside.

Later, the Air India staff asked them to wait at the airport for an update on the missing luggage, and they had to wait outside the airport for two hours but there was no update. The airline gave them a property irregularity report for their complaint, but when they called the helpline the phone helplines have been unresponsive since. At this moment, Astha was enraged that the airline failed to flag the coconut issue soon after her luggage was checked in Bengaluru, saying that “if they had reached out to us at Bengaluru airport itself, we would have discarded the coconuts and got our bag with our wedding clothes. We had no clue dry coconuts were banned on flights,”

According to an Air India spokesperson, it is clearly mentioned on the tickets that items such as lighters, matchboxes, firearms, dry coconuts (copra) and others that pose a fire hazard are not allowed in check-in or hand luggage. “Passengers must read the rules carefully and not carry prohibited items to prevent their bags from being offloaded. In this case, the passenger should get in touch with the ground staff at KIA and collect the luggage directly or give an undertaking to another person who can collect it on her behalf,” had said the AI official.

But it all depends on how the security personnel do a thorough check when the travel bags pass through the luggage screening kiosk. I remember few years ago, when my sister-in-law wanted a few home-grown coconuts from our property, without knowing that coconuts are banned items on flight, I had packed six dry coconuts in my checked-in luggage, and my bag reached O’hare International Airport, Chicago without any problems. Chances are that the security personnel at Bengaluru International airport might have been sleeping? But at the exit check-in at O’hare airport, the security while checking my bags found my Kudla’s home-grown “Tenginakai” (Kannada), “Tharai” (Tulu),”Narl” (Konkani), msde me to break open the coconuts, to see if nothing has been stuffed inside. Luckily with much negotiating I was allowed to exit along with my “SIX DRY COCONUTS’, and the next day, my sis-in-law made a delicious Korida (Chicken) Sukka, Coconut with Mint Chutney, and Chicken curry made with Coconut roce (white liquid). Believe me or not, we all had a few home-made delicious delicacies of Kodiyal/Mangalorean style- very Authentic, Traditional and Yummy !

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