Kerala Assembly passes unanimous resolution to withdraw Lakshadweep administrator  

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Kerala Assembly passes unanimous resolution to withdraw Lakshadweep administrator
Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Assembly on Monday passed a unanimous resolution asking the Centre to see that the traditions and culture of Lakshadweep island inhabitants are protected and immediately withdraw the island administrator Praful Patel, who has tried to implement new laws, that could destroy the peace and tranquillity there.

Moving the resolution Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan pointed out that the administrator is trying to implement the saffron agenda on the island.

“The stage is such that even the coconut trees are being painted saffron and the corporatisation of the island is being implemented by the administrator, who is out to destroy the traditions and culture of the island,” said Vijayan.

“The islanders are known for their peaceful nature and to terrorise them, the administrator has come out with a Goonda Act and this has been introduced to see that if any protest breaks out in the island, then this can be used. Then the administrator is trying to come out with a beef ban through the back door and the administrator is trying to close down all dairy farms,” said Vijayan.

“All the powers vested with the local village councils are being slowly taken away and through this the administrator is trying to get full control. And the most surprising guideline also has now come which states that none who have more than two children can contest the village council polls. The island has long standing links with Kerala and includes educational institutions there which follow the Malayalam and English streams, moreover the Kerala high court at Kochi also is their judicial body,” said Vijayan and asked the assembly to help pass the resolution unanimously.

Leader of Opposition V.D. Satheesan said the entire opposition fully agrees with the resolution and the new rules that are being implemented will completely destroy the basic rights of the island people and under no circumstances should this take place.

“The draconian laws that are going to be implemented there should be thrown into the Arabian Sea and the implementation of the Goonda Act in a place where the crime rate is negligible also should not take place as it’s meant to terrorise the peace loving people there,” said Satheesan.

Senior Indian Union Muslim League legislator P.K. Kunhalikutty said yesterday it was Kashmir, today it’s the island and tomorrow it would be Kerala.

“This is a calculated move to do this at all places where the Sangh Parivar agenda just cannot come through. All know Kerala is not in the good books of the Sangh Parivar and at no cost will we allow this to happen in the island,” said Kunhalikutty.

At the end of the speeches from various leaders, the resolution was passed unanimously and it was decided to send it to the President for consideration as it is he who is the appointing authority of the administrator.


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